Listen carefully on our dead end road and you will hear the Heritage Turkeys gobbling out in the pasture. Look closely at the wild flowers and see the bees harvesting pollen and nectar. These are the simple things we do everyday to gauge how happy the turkeys and honey bees are! Our Heritage Turkeys are Midget Whites. This breed is considered critically endangered, but it is a great breed for a homestead. The hens lay lots of eggs, they mate naturally and they thrive in Ohio's 4 seasons living outside. Our few breeding hens produce 150 babies in the spring! And the best way to support biodiversity and endangered breeds is to consume them. Cooking a Heritage turkey is a bit different than a standard Broad Breasted bird found in the grocery. First, its not injected with a Saline Solution. Second, Heritage birds are usually leaner because they are pastured raised, feeding on grass and bugs for the bulk of their diet. Honey harvested by our bees is a rare treat. The years we have some, buy it immediately because it is a rich, thick honey flavored and scented by the flowers the bees used to create this year's harvest.

Listing last updated on Oct 17, 2016

Cook a Heritage Turkey: Season the turkey inside and out with salt and pepper at least 5 hours before roasting and put in refrigerator. 1 hour before roasting, set the bird out and let come to room temperature. Heat oven to 425. When ready to roast, slip hands under the skin and rub butter over breasts. Stuff cavity with vegetables and thyme. Place bird in roaster, add broth. Roast uncovered at 425 for 30 minutes then reduce temp to 325,baste, cover w foil, roast to 165 and enjoy!

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We market through Dogwood Farm, 1730 Shaker Road
Franklin, OH 45005 and Red Sun Farm 10995 Grog Run Rd, Loveland OH 45140. Both are opened 6 days per week and operated by Samantha Steiner. She raises high quality pastured beef, pork, chicken and goats.

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