The SJOVALL FAMILY FARM proudly presents full blood and pure-bred BOER goats, as well as boer-kiko crosses. we have several different blood lines in our herd. Some from garden city, TX- santee, SC - lykens, PA- alta vista, Va- broadway, VA- and ashland city, TN.

We will NOT sell a goat for breeding that we wouldn't use in our own herd. Our cull goats are sold as slaughter only. We just don't believe it makes sense to keep using an inferior goat (i.e.: size, shape, "grow"-ability, hoof maintenance, low worm-tollerance, etc.) as a breed stock animal. Nor do we line-breed. We have 4 wonderful sires, each with their own special characteristic and gene pool !! Our "girls" are just as diverse. We're not out to chase a buck... we actually enjoy the bucks AND does !! We hope you will too!! :)

We also have a small variety of CHICKENS and GUINEAS. Our chicken selection started as an assortment of ROCKS(buff, and partridge), BUFF-ORPINGTONS and AMERICAN AURACANAS. We now have the breeds mixed as "home-growns" and some of these birds are really just fantastic looking!! The GUINEAS include LAVENDER, PURPLE, WHITE, and PEARL.

we do also have eggs for sale! :)

Please call for availability!!

Your satisfaction is our goal. We look forward to meeting AND serving you!! Thank you!! :) ~~the sjovall's~~

Listing last updated on Nov 7, 2009

At the Sjovall Family Farm your satisfaction is our goal. We are proud of our animals and look forward to them making you happy too!! We are flexible and will do our best to accommodate most situations. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments, or to check for availability! Hope to hear from you soon!! Thank you!! :)

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