Our mission is to provide you the most delicious pork you have ever tasted. Since 15 years now we are passionate giving all of our animals the life they deserve.

Preserving the environment and promoting agricultural diversity are the key to the success of our farm.

Our production is different from most other pig farms: Our pigs are allowed to roam freely, socialize, and engage in instinctive pig behavior such as rooting, wallowing and foraging on land kept without chemical input. All breeding animals live in social groups, even the boars are together with the sows all the time. There is no teeth clipping, tail docking or ear marking. We leave our litters together to avoid stress and fighting . We practice group farrowing, where sows give birth naturally together without crates or taking the piglets away from them.

All animals have free choice access to outdoors at any time. Sunshine, fresh air, good feed and a stress free environment eliminate the need for any medications. No animal by-products are used in our feed except for occasional milk and hard boiled eggs. No hormones, antibiotics or growth enhancers are given to our pigs at any time. We feed a unique custom 100% vegetarian ration without gm content. Our farm has no waste issues, manure is returned to the soil where it becomes fertilizer.

Our breeding stock consists out of Hampshire (heritage breed, black/white), Duroc (older breed, brown) and Berkshire (heritage breed, black) pigs which we pure and cross breed. Berkshires are on the list of rare breeds of Canada.

Our pork is selected to have a high percentage of intramuscular fat, like a choice steak. You can expect a different texture of the meat, darker colour, more marbling and better flavour compared to any conventionally raised pork.

Our fine pork is featured on the menus of the best restaurants in Victoria and Vancouver.

Listing last updated on Feb 23, 2018

We proudly offer Qualicum Beach sown/grown/harvested/cleaned/milled/rolled grains! We have for sale Spelt flour, HRS Wheat flour and our fabulous Oat meal. Of course we sell whole kernels of all varieties, too!

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Qualicum Beach, every Saturday , all year 'round!

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Farmers Dirk and Bea are an admirable couple. When I say their meat is excellent in every way, it's because of the treatment and slaughter of their animals, as well as the quality and taste of the meat.... [more]

We have been buying our chicken from Sloping Hill Farm for about 2 years. The other day I wanted some chicken and ended up at the supermarket. Never again!!! There is no comparison. Their eggs and pork are great as well.

I just want to give you one advice: please try the pork chops of Sloping Hill Farm! They're great material for the barbecue.

The owners of Sloping Hill Farm are 100% dedicated to the well-being of the animals they raise.... [more]

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