Northwest Wild Foods

(Burlington, Washington)
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Organic Tart Cherries - Dried, Unsweetened
($36.99 )

All Natural Organic Dried Tart Cherries. No sugars or oils. Delicious, healthy snack.

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Black Mulberries - Dried, Organic
($29.99 )

Organic black mulberries dried to perfection without added sugars or oils.

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Wild Mountain Blackberries - Frozen
($69.99 )

Our tiny wild mountain blackberries possess a unique tartness and sweet flavor unsurpassed by any other.

Cranberries - Fresh Frozen, Organic
($89.99 )

Fresh frozen raw organic cranberries harvested at the peak of ripeness and ready for the holidays!

Tart Cherries - Fresh-Frozen, Organic
($69.99 )

IQF Frozen tart montmorency cherries grown in the USA. Delicious and healthy, shipped froen to your door.

Wild Frozen Huckleberries
(From: $79.99 )

Wild Mountain Huckleberries frozen for your year-round pleasure. Handpicked in the Mountains of the Northwest.

Aronia Berries - Dried, Organic
($29.99 )

Organic Aronia berries dried to perfection without any added sugars or oils. RAW!

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Chanterelle Mushrooms - Fresh
($119.99 )

Fresh Golden Chanterelle mushrooms foraged in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

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Wild Smoked Salmon Sample Pack
($59.99 )

Our Wild Yukon River Smoked Keta Salmon Sample Pack is a delicious way to try all our great flavors of wild smoked salmon.

Wild Smoked Yukon Salmon - Candied
(From: $49.99 )

Our cold smoked keta salmon candy is a delicious treat especially if you like your smoked salmon on the sweeter side.

Morel Mushrooms - Fresh
($199.99 )

Fresh Handpicked Morels are now in season from the Great Northwest!

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Pomegranate Seeds - Frozen
(From: $69.99 )

Fresh frozen pomegranate seeds grown in the USA. Delicious and healthy treats.

Northwest Wild Foods. Enjoy the Wild & Natural Harvest of the Pacific Northwest!

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