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Herbes de Provence
($3.00 )

A true French classic originally from the Provence Region of France. This has lavender in it! Wonderful in soups, stews and on vegetables.

Hot'n Sassy
($4.00 )

If you like spice in your life, this one's for you!

Jamm'n Jerk
($5.00 )

The Caribbean in a bag! Wonderful on pork, poultry, fish, beef and so much more.

Rub'n Season All Herb'n No Salt
($5.00 )

No sodium in this blend...just flavor! The citrus adds just the right flavor for those drab dishes!

Rub'n Season Beef
($5.00 )

Great on steaks, roasts, burgers, meatloaf, wild game and ostrich too!

Rub'n Season Pork
($5.00 )

Season those chops, cutlets, roasts, loins...any pork dish!

Rub'n Season Poultry
($5.00 )

This is the ultimate "bird" seasoning! It doesn't matter...turkey, chicken, game hens, etc. A poultry winner!

HERB'N RENEWAL...we take the guesswork out of seasoning! We offer 28 different hand blended herb seasonings. You'll be able to season your beef, poultry, pork, fish and veggies with just a pinch of one of our blends! You can even go Southwest, Caribbean, Greek or good old American with our Chili Season'n! The great part is you can pronounce everything that we use in our blends...no fillers or preservatives! We always ship via Priority Mail so you'll be ready to start enjoying a new taste sensation in just a few days! Plus, we always include something extra for you to sample.

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