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POP'D KERNS - Original flavor
(From: $10.00 )

"A corn crunch like no othe!" It is "exploded" field corn with Non GMO, Non-Hydrogenated Soybean Oil and Salt added.

We've Decided To Go Public With Our Little Accident.

It was a quiet night on the Friesen farm. Stan was in the kitchen, working on a new ethanol fuel recipe. Gladys was reading. Stan stepped out of the kitchen for a moment while a batch heated up on the stove. Suddenly KABOOM! They returned to find exploded corn all over the kitchen. Being the inquisitive type, Stan tasted it. While it didn't look like much, Stan thought it was about the best tasting stuff he'd ever eaten. We think you'll agree it's one fabulous snack. The product is now called POP'D KERNS (formerly called GLAD CORN brand A-Maizing Corn Snack).

"Finding [GLAD CORN] was an absolute blessing!! My entire family is "hooked" on your incredible "nutritional snack food". As a mom, that thrills kids love it & it's good for them - now that's something that doesn't happen every day!! We're gonna have to order it by the truckloads!! This stuff is AWESOME - what a great accidental invention.....Thanks & God Bless!!"

"I have to say this was the best snack I have ever bought!! I munched my way thru the bag on our 5 hour trip home! Needless to say, I wish I had bought the large bag. You have a life time customer in central Iowa!!"

If you like popcorn, you'll LOVE the GLAD CORN brand A-Maizing Corn Snack. Our product is made from field corn - a different kind of corn from sweet corn and popcorn. Some kernels look a bit like popcorn and some look more like the kernels at the bottom of the popcorn bowl (but are, usually, easier on your teeth!).

Whether you're looking for something a bit different than all the other snacks on the store shelves or for a unique gift for those "hard to buy for" people on your lists, we think you'll be happy you purchased our GLAD CORN brand A-Maizing Corn Snack.

Stan & Gladys

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