M's Organic Sustainable Farm

(Woodstock, Illinois)
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CSA Share Organic Vegies Organic Eggs weekly
($419.00 )

CSA at M's Organic Farm.18 weeks Vegie or Vegie w/ weekly organic Eggs. Check or Paypal: msorganicfarm@gmail.com

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Carrot Eye Creme with Carrot Seed Extract for Elasticity
(From: $17.00 )

Carrot Eye creme stimulates elasticity naturally with carrot seed extract. Very rich and creamy.

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Organic Moisturizing Oil
($25.00 )

Moisturizing, bath & massage oil: choose your scent. Made with Organic essential oils and local, non-GMO, organic soybean oil.8oz

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Facial Toner w/ real Flowers & Witch Hazel-Lo
($11.00 )

Facial Toner w/ real Flowers & Witch Hazel-Lovely Lavender he Herbal Facial toners cleanse and refresh as restore ph balance using

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Herbal Body Smoother Lotion
(From: $15.00 )

Plant & Essential oil based lotion. Non GMO soybean oil and local beezwax. Only nourishing ingredients.

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Organic Basil Or Cilantro Pesto Frozen
($7.00 )

Wonderfully made and a big hit for ten + years at our Markets: Herb, garlic, lemon, salt Sunflower seeds. No cheese needed.

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Organic, Free Range Multicolored Eggs
($7.00 )

Free Range Organic Local Eggs Mixed. Rhode Island, Bantams and Ameraucanas. Please buy 2 dozen at a time.

Local Pickup Only

Mountain Moon Herbal Care products carries on the same respectful traditions we use at M's Organic Farm.

We feature all plant based, Organic, Local, Non GMO oils. Including Local Organic Non GMO Soybean oil with ani oxidants, & Vitamins A,K & E. CURRENTLY FEATURING: Carrot Eye Creme, Body Oils, Body Smoothers and CSA.

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