Bechard Family Farm

(Conway, Missouri)
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Blackberry Jam (NOT seedless)
(From: $16.35 )

Ozark Jam Kitchen's "Homemade in the Ozarks" Blackberry Jam is our best seller!

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Gooseberry Jam
(From: $16.35 )

Ozark Jam Kitchen's "Homemade in the Ozarks" Gooseberry Jam is a unique taste of sweet and tart. Give it a try!

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Ozark Jam Kitchen 3-Jar Assortment
($37.15 )

Ozark Jam Kitchen's Assortment lets you order 3 jars and SAVE, or you can try one of each of our Best Sellers! It's YOUR choice!

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Rhubarb Jam
(From: $16.35 )

Ozark Jam Kitchen's "Homemade in the Ozarks" Rhubarb Jam is a red rhubarb treat.

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Apple Butter
(From: $16.35 )

Ozark Jam Kitchen's "Homemade in the Ozarks" Apple-butter can't be beat! This one will keep you coming back!

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Lavender Fields Handcrafted Lye Soap
(From: $7.50 )

Lavender Fields....the classic scent of essential oil of lavender with finely ground lavender buds stirred in.

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Red Cherry Jam
(From: $16.35 )

Ozark Jam Kitchen's "Homemade in the Ozarks" Red Cherry Jam is made from real cherries!

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Red Raspberry Jam
(From: $16.35 )

Ozark Jam Kitchen's "Homemade in the Ozarks" Red-Raspberry Jam is a real treat!

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Strawberry Jam
(From: $16.35 )

Ozark Jam Kitchen's "Homemade in the Ozarks" Strawberry Jam is a sweet treat. Try this berry of a jam!

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Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam
(From: $16.35 )

Ozark Jam Kitchen's "Homemade in the Ozarks" Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam is a combination that is a customer favorite.

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Would you like a little bit of country brought right to your front door?

Try some of our Country Bubbles Soaps handcrafted soaps or our Ozark Jam Kitchen jams that are all "homemade in the Ozarks".

Here at Bechard Family Farm we take great joy in crafting small batches of quality homemade jams and handmade soaps.

No mass-production here! Armand makes the all the jams. Teddi makes all the Applebutter. Labels are hand-applied to each jar. Attention is paid to every detail.

The soap is crafted by hand right here in our farmhouse kitchen. Every bar is cut by hand and set to cure for at least 4 weeks. After curing, our daughters shrink wrap each bar.

Our family eats these same jams and washes with these same soaps. What this gives you is a "quality control panel" of 12 people! Not much gets past these guys!

We include a hand stamped, handwritten note in EVERY LocalHarvest order. We know your order is important to you and we treat it that way!

When you are pleased with our friendly customer service and our stellar packaging, we invite you to leave 5-star feedback for our farm! If for some reason there is ever a problem, we invite you to contact us personally so that we can remedy whatever might have gone wrong. We want all our customers to be HAPPY CUSTOMERS!

We charge our actual cost to ship the jams. Because the jars of jam are quite heavy, the price is very high to ship only 1 jar of jam. You get the best deal when you order 2 or 3 jars.

AND ... We have been able to REDUCE our cost for shipping 2 JAMS by nearly $3.00! We have passed that savings on to you by reducing the postage on all our 2-packs. You SAVE on shipping by ordering 2 or 3 JAMS!

Please use the EMAIL US button below if you have questions or would like us to put together a custom selection of jam flavors just for you! We are happy to customize your order.

We ship using USPS. Please make sure the address you give is one the postal service can deliver to.\r\nOrder a little bit of country today! You won't be disappointed!

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