Green Dirt Farm, LLC

(Weston, Missouri)

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Green Dirt Farm, LLC is a small women-owned and operated farm dedicated to bringing the finest grass-fed lamb and artisan sheep milk cheeses to market. The pastures that our sheep eat create exceptional flavor in our lamb and farmstead cheeses. Our sheep descend from the Gulf Coast Sheep or Dairy breeds. The Gulf Coast Sheep is a heritage breed known for its ability to naturally resist many of the diseases that plague American sheep, so our sheep are naturally hormone free, pesticide free and antibiotic free.

Our cheeses are made by hand on our farm using milk from our own grass-fed, gently raised ewes. Our cheesemakers use traditional old world methods that produce a unique richness and depth of flavor. The diverse grasses of our pastures flavor our ewe's milk with hints of clover, legumes and flowers. Flavors in the milk change as pastures grow, creating cheeses that uniquely reflect our farm and the changing seasons. In 2009 and 2010, our cheeses were recognized for outstanding quality and flavor at the American Cheese Society's annual competition, where they won a number of awards, including a blue ribbon in the washed rind sheep's milk category.

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