Lambing Clinic

Owens Farm - Sunbury, Pennsylvania

Pack years of lambing experience into one day with veterinarian Dr. Jackie Rapp, a panel of shepherds, and a barnful of lambs. The morning session will cover Pre-Lambing Management, Normal Birthing Process, Deciding Whether to Call The Vet, Top Ten Tips for Saving Lambs, and a demonstration of a necropsy to determine "Why Did This Lamb Die?" Then we'll head to the barn to demonstrate and practice management tasks such as ear-tagging, tube feeding, tail docking, nursing difficulties, and other common problems. Even more important, we'll show you how to recognize the behavior of healthy newborns who do not need your help. We will be in the middle of lambing 150 ewes at the time of the workshop, creating ample opportunity for observation and case study. We raise Katahdins and Coopworths, with different lambing set-ups for each. Fee $85, kids 12 and under free, pre-registration required as attendance is limited.

Date: Mar 20, 2021
Start Time:8:00 AM
End Time:5:00 PM
Organized by:Owens Farm
Location: 2611 Mile Post Rd.
Sunbury, PA 17801
Phone:(570) 286-5309
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