CSA:  Sunshine Meadows Farm

Operates: June-October

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Lorij and David Schmick
(248) 464-1825

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We are a family farm that has been organically gardening here in MI since 2004. The 2008 season was our first to offer produce via the CSA model. Each week from June until October there is a variety of fresh, in-season vegetables and fruits. The early season generally consist of leafy greens, kale, swiss chard, radishes, spinach, peas, beets, kohlrabi and some herbs along with strawberries. Summer produces the majority of produce including tomatoes, eggplants, bell peppers, green beans, melons, cucumbers, squash of all varieties and broccoli and herbs continue. Apples, pears, peaches will also be included, in limited amounts. Fall reverts back to the cool season crops, usually including winter (pumpkin/acord) squash.

We strive to connect people to their food. Belonging to a CSA is an education experience, one in which you, the shareholder, better understand when your food grows and why. You support your farm, you know where your food comes from and you infuse the local economy with a financial commitment. Throughout the season, some produce does better than others, some fail. As partners in agriculture we ALL share the benefits of bumper crops and the risks of a crop failure.

Taking reservations for the 2017 Season at this time.

CSA Details

Season:  June through October

Type:  single farm

Full Share:  $675/16-18 weeks with option for monthly payments

1/2 Share:  $400/16-18 weeks

Work Req?  No

Our Drop Offs and Delivery Areas :

Drop Off Point / Center of Delivery Area

Sunshine Meadows Farm
Members pick up their share once a week on a pre-determined day

Contact: Lorij and David Schmick
Phone: 248-464-1825
2610 Cook Trail
Ortonville, MI 48462