Triton's Farm is a small family run farm raising mostly heritage breeds, heirloom trees and vegetables. We are trying to produce to feed our animals and our animals are helping us to fertilize and to keep weeds and insect populations manageable. Our animals all live a very full and healthy animal life with each performing a vital function on the farm.

At this time we are mostly selling eggs, but the eggs we have are really delicious. The are from happy chickens, turkeys, geese and ducks. During the summer the ducks and geese have access to a large pond and all year long the birds have a large area to forage. We do not spray pesticides and use only organic fertilizers on the property.

At this time we are not certified anything, but our animals are all very humanly treated and we are practicing organic gardening. This includes, but is not limited to not spraying pesticides, we only use organic fertilizers, we do not purchase any GMO seeds and compost everything we can from the farm back into the soil. We are trying very hard to improve the quality of our soil by the use of animal fertilizers and good crop rotation. This means healthier animals and produce.

Listing last updated on Mar 5, 2013

Farm fresh free range eggs from happy chickens. Delivered within the Ellensburg city limits to your door. I sell at the Kittitas County Farmers Market. I do have an egg route, but am only taking very few new customers. Since the egg deliveries happen after work I have to contain the delivery area to downtown Ellensburg.

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I deliver eggs to your door in the Ellensburg city limits. May through October I am at the Ellensburg Farmers Market some weekends. You are also welcome to pick up eggs at the farm. Just call or email to make sure we are home and have eggs available.

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