V D B Organic Farms is a certified organic, 120 acre, grass-based grazing farm managed and cared for by Bob and Beth Van De Boom. We are the only certified Animal Welfare Approved (www.animalwelfareapproved.org) farm in Southeastern Wisconsin, located just outside the city of Delavan. We raise grass-fed beef cattle, and free range brown & white egg layers. The breeds we raise have escaped genetic tampering and has not been modified to a grain based diet. These breeds are moderate framed highly fertile, efficient, and grow and finish well on grass.

Our animals are humanely treated from birth to abattoir. They are processed at a local government inspected plant with minimal transportation.

We practice management intensive grazing for the health of the animals and of the land. Our livestock are raised naturally on fresh pasture directly harvesting the sun's energy to produce lean, healthy, flavorful meat. We use NO antibiotics, growth hormones, chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides on either our ANIMALS or the LAND.

Every day of the grazing season the animals get moved to a fresh paddock. Rotating animals through different pastures more closely mimics natural migration patterns. Our animals get all the fresh air and sunshine they want. In the winter they eat hay made from our fields. Our animals only eat grass, minerals, salt and water.

Our beef is available by whole, half or split half (quarter). Our eggs are available by the dozen.

Interested in vegetables? In collaboration with our neighboring farm, Turtle Creek Gardens, we now offer access to healthy, seasonal vegetables. Turtle Creek Gardens begins its first year in vegetables using biodynamic and organic growing methods, while transitioning to certified organic in 2012. This CSA offers both Full Shares (20 weeks) and Every-Other-Week Shares (10 weeks), beginning the first week of June and ending mid-October. For more information, see the Local Harvest listing for Turtle Creek Gardens.

Farm visits welcomed, but please call ahead.

Listing last updated on Nov 8, 2015

Organic Grassfed beef, chicken and eggs without the use of growth hormones, pesticides, insectides, antibiotics or chemical fertilizers on either our ANIMALS or the LAND.

New certifacation of Animal Welfare Approved.

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I recently bought a 1/4 beef from VDB organic and I have to say I was very impressed with the difference in taste. The beef was delicious, I haven't had beef that tasted that good unless it was at a steak house.... [more]

I highly recommend all of the products from VDB Organic Farms. The eggs are amazing with bright orange yolks. The love and kindness they give to their animals (and their land) really comes through in the final product.... [more]

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