WA State Farmers Market Association

Seattle, Washington

The purpose of the WSFMA is to encourage and establish successful farmers markets in Washington State. We feel that farmers markets are significant means to two social ends. A farmers market where a grower can sell directly to the consumer is perhaps the small farmer’s best opportunity to profit from their land and efforts. And a farmers market where consumers can talk directly to the grower, get the freshest produce possible, and experience the health-giving effects of that freshness, is the consumer’s best access to quality.

Farmers Markets operate in every type of community across the state, in cities, in suburbs, in rural communities. Naturally they vary in size according to their location. Finally they vary in sophistication from occasional large shelters housing 50 to 75 vendors, to a few farmers with their pick-ups parked beside each other in a community parking lot. But in each case the customers have the same expectations and it is these expectations that every farmers market needs to meet if it truly intends to be successful.

Listing last updated on Oct 4, 2006

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