Wake The Farm Up!!! is LolasBotanicals & Wind Dance Farm We are stewards of the land teaching others to be good stewards.

We are Living and working on 5 acres near Versailles State Park, as well as other family land in our area of Indiana. We also are producing this year from a 3 acre garden rented from Walhill farm. We hope this grows well.

We specialize in diversity and inspiration.

The Schewe family farm Wind Dance Farm , covers 23 acres of fields and forest near Dillsboro, IN. There on the land we have about 3 acres cultivated in vegetables, herbs, and forest garden style fruit production. Our Family farming is the fruition of years of environmental passion and dedication to stewardship. Permaculture principles and design are engaged as well as biodynamic influences.

The aim of Lola's Botanical's is to bring nature's finest gift of resiliency to you. So that you may find strength and courage to take care of the self and future generations. Lola and Ande are deeply committed to growing all the herbs they use in their practice and products, only using their own top quality homegrown, chemical free, low temperature dried and wild-harvested herbs. They are committed to growing and gathering herbs in ways that protect the future of the plants they use and the places they grow them..

Lola's Botanicals - Also a we now offer a monthly Tea Club Share! Please contact us for more information or visit our website!

Our Family farm is the fruition of years of environmental passion and dedication to stewardship.

Permaculture Principles and Ethics are engaged as well as Biodynamic influences.

Forest gardens are developed.

We are asuming the role to provide a vast aray of botanical treasure.

The farm feeds our family perhaps 85% of our diet.

A diverse fruit, root, seed and herbs are some of our surplus. We have wonderful teas available year round as well as dried tomatoes, spice berries, eastern red cedar berries, winged sumac berries, j-chokes, devil's dandruff (our cayanne powder), basil shakers, herbal soaps, dried salatin's apples, and more along the way!

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We have faith in the earth to feed us and the earth has faith that we will cultivate in accordance to the way that promotes life in return. Care of Earth... Care of People... Return a Surplus... "The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings." -Masanobu Fukuokay

Season:  Year round

Type:  single farm

Since:  2014

# of Shares:  200

Share Prices:  $380/year of 8 shipments

Work Req?  No

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Schedule and Location:

Northside Farmer's Market
"Best Year-Round Farmers Market" - 2012 City Beat
Wednesday 4-7
May- Oct.: Hoffner Park
Oct.- May: North Presbyterian Church
Its a fun market gathering!

Herbal Tea, on order, contact us for a sample

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Hey guys - y'all are awesome! Thank you for being here and i hope to see you next Wednesday.

what a magnificent channeler of dieties of earth into the earth realm, full of magic and enchanted. Encorporating modern needs with ancient traditions and lore, spaning generation gaps and business and spirituality.

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