We are a locally owned family farm with a love and passion for raising happy hens. All of our hens are true, free range hens that are allowed to roam from daylight to dark giving them as much fresh air, sunshine, green grass, bugs and seeds as they want to eat. The environment we provide for our hens allows them to maintain some of the most flavorable, richly colored egg yolks with firm whites and beautiful thick, brown and white shells from Road Island Reds, Red Comets and White Leghorns. We do not use antibiotics or steriods on our flock. Our family farm is on18 rolling acres of fresh, chemical free green pasture located in the south west agricultural community of Tennessee. Our location allows our hens to be able to roam the acreage year round which means we have an ample supply of free range eggs all year long.

Listing last updated on Nov 14, 2011

Free Range Eggs!!!

Red Comets and White Leghorns.

Some of the richest, most favorable eggs you've ever tasted.

No antibiotics or steroids are ever given to our hens.

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My wife bought a dozen of these. We have had laying hens for four years at our little farm, so I know what real "free range" eggs are... yolks should be orange and firm.... [more]

I had lost my prior source of "Happy" eggs and while looking for another source I found many who supplied eggs that were not really cage-free but labeled that way.... [more]

I grew up on a small family farm and had not found comparable eggs until I found Willow Farm eggs at Whole Foods. They are hands down the best free range eggs I have found in the city and are priced cheaper than the "other" free range, organic eggs.... [more]

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