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Atrazine and other Endocrine Disruptors

There was a study recently linking Atrazine to the castration and feminization of frogs in test labs.  Atrazine is used primarially in weed control applications by industrial farms and other large operations.  The San Fransico Chronicle wrote about the affects that Atrizine is having on the environment.  The study was conducted at UC Berkley and is being published in the "Proceddings of the National Academy of Sciences".

As you would expect the maker of the weed suprresant is fighting the study and pointing to every flaw they can find.  Interestingly, the author of the study worked for the maker years before but was dismissed when his findings showed Atrazine to be a possible endocrine disruptor.  Remember our feminized bass, they are a prime example of what an endocrine disruptor can do. 

The endocrine system regulates hormones like testostorone and estrogen.  Any wonder the frogs are becoming feminized and worse castrated by levels of Atrazine?  I can't make this stuff up, yet we sit blindly by while trace amounts of chemicals are allowed in our food supply.  Relying on scientific data that at best is funded from special interests.

Am I missing something, is it that we'll die off and be replaced by other spenders and that is why killing us to make a profit is okay.  I know the Supreme Court rules for the Corporations not for the individuals.  Look at their decisions over years.  The majority of decisions are against the common man.  Why would we expect the FDA to crack down on the use of endocrine disruptors.  Things have to get out of control like Thalidimide, DDT, Bisphenol A (plastsic containers) and Phthalates(cosmetics),  before we are protected from those that seek profit no matter the outcome.

If this is happening to the frogs then what is happening to the humans that have to work around the stuff and ingest trace amounts.  Besides that what is the shelf life of this stuff?  My bet is you just can't wash it away.  If you could then it wouldn't be affective in the rain and you can't have that.  It has to be able to withstand water in order to be affective in the field right?.

Twenty years ago we started growing organic because I didn't like all the chemicals being used.  Relatively speaking it was benign back then compared to what todays consumers are facing.  God help us all, because no one in charge seems to care enough to stop the chemical jugrnuat.


Buy Local- Save a frog, a bass and your own environment by doing so

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