9 Miles East Farm makes it easy for busy people to enjoy local food.

With that goal in mind, we offer two services to help busy people incorporate local food into their lives.

The first is meal delivery subscriptions. It's basically a CSA, only instead of a bag of ingredients, subscribers receive a weekly meal prepared with vegetables grown on the farm.

Meals are prepared in a certified commercial kitchen, and include an entrees and side dish. Deliveries are typically Sunday afternoons to homes and Monday mornings to businesses.

The second service is called GO Bags. We harvest whatever is freshest on our farm each week and deliver bags to customers' offices each week. Bags cost $10, and no subscription is required, though we do deliver only to locations where five or more people want to buy a bag each week. This helps us keep costs down.

We serve customers in the Capital District area of upsate NY, including Saratoga Springs, Wilton, Clifton Park, Albany,East Greenbush area.

UPDATE: Spring 2012 meal delivery season is sold out. We do have limited availability for summer and fall. GO Bag delivery slots are filled as well, but let us know if you'd like us to deliver to your office in 2013.

Listing last updated on Oct 3, 2018

Most restaurant meals consist of a slab of protein on a pile of starch with some afterthough vegetables on the side. That's not our approach: High-quality vegetables are the center of meals from 9 Miles East, and we are inspired by cuisines from around the world. We believe big flavor and solid nutrition go together, so we grow varieties for taste and nutrient content rather than for yield or shelf life, and work to let those ingredients speak for themselves.

Season:  May through October

Type:  single farm

Since:  2009

# of Shares:  60

Full Share:  $30 per week for a meal that feeds four

Work Req?  No

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We had 9 Miles East Farm for our weekly lunch. The presentation was wonderful with the fresh veggies. The food was excellent, fresh and healthy. One of the best lunches we had!

Reheating a meal for your family that you know was locally grown and prepared hours after harvesting is such a great feeling. With two working parents and two busy kids, the delivery aspect of 9 Miles East makes the process simple.... [more]

Imagine coming home hungry after a long weekend and finding a hearty meal waiting for you. No rummaging through the refrigerator looking at questionable leftovers to put in the microwave, or digging out a take out menu for the local Chinese/Thai/India/pizza place.... [more]

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