Naturally Grown Strawberries & Strawberry Plants, tomato plants, Fruit trees and Fruiting plants. Located in Central Florida. Call for appointments.

  • Strawberry plants
  • Strawberries Cold hardy avocado trees Blueberry plants Raspberry plants Blackberry plants Tomato plants Eggplants Moringa trees Mango trees Peach trees
  • European Fan Palm
  • Windmill Palm
  • Pindo Palm
  • Sylvester Palm
  • Composted Horse Manure
  • Earthworms
  • Compost Blueberry mix soil
    Listing last updated on May 13, 2014

    Central Florida Naturally Grown Strawberry Plants Naturally Grown Strawberry Plants in Hanging Baskets Naturally Grown Veggie plants Blueberry Plants Blackberry Plants Moringa trees Cold Hardy Avocado trees, Peach trees Compost Composted horse manure Olive Trees Blueberry Plants blackberry Plants Earthworms Worm castings Worm tea Tomato plants Tomatoes

    Season:  January through January

    Type:  single farm

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    Work Req?  No

    Schedule and Location:

    23630 SR19 Howey in the hills 34737 Florida

    Schedule and Location:

    23630 SR19 Howey in the hills 34737 Florida

    Cold Hardy Palm Trees in containers from 15 gallon to 65 gallon + Balled and Burlapped.
    Windmill Palms, European Fan Palms, Pindo Palms, Sylvester palms

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    It is about time we have some fresh chemical free products in that area.It looks like they have put a lot of work into the farm and i know they will do great. I support them 100%.

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