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Bolita BeanSpanish settlers to the northern New Mexican region initially presented the Bolita Bean to North America. After this introduction, the bean was incorporated into much of the American Indian food traditions in the Four Corners region. With its high protein content and its general ease on the stomach, the Bolita Bean became an important crop bean, quickly becoming extensively cultivated throughout the American southwest.

Bolita BeanThe beans are deep, pinkish-beige—almost salmon in color—and boast a taste richer in flavor than the Pinto bean, to which it is often compared. Unfortunately, because of this easy association, the Bolita Bean often looses out to the pinto bean in sales and cultivation.

Photo credit: Native Seeds/SEARCH

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Tierra Vegetables Farm

  Santa Rosa, CA    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

At Tierra Vegetables, we're committed to growing diversified vegetables, fruits and wool products of the very highest quality through sustainable farming practices. We are also growing heirloom dried beans and dried corn for corn bread, polenta, and tortillas. (more...)

Schwebach Farm

  Moriarty, NM    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

We are a family owned and operated farm in Moriarty, New Mexico, near Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Our white sweet corn is considered New Mexicos finest. We also grow Pinto beans, Bolita beans and a large selection of vegetables. You can find Chicos here year round! (more...)

Santa Fe Farmers Market

  Santa Fe, NM

With over 100 small growers participating, the Santa Fe Farmers' Market is the largest in New Mexico and one of the best known in the country. The Market operates year-round in the Santa Fe Railyard and hosts numerous events, including Cook With the Chef, Kids' Events, and Farm Tour.(more...)

Real Veggies Farm

  Brunswick, OH

We grow most of our vegetables on 2 acres in Lafayette Township, Ohio the rest in grown at home in Brunswick, Ohio. We do not use any chemicals on any of our vegetables. Our favorite things to grow are the more unusual that you do not normally see elsewhere, although we do sell your regular more common varieties of vegetables also. (more...)

Rae-Lili Farm

  Cooper, TX

Rae Lili Farm delivers produce with the shortest imaginable harvest-to-table time. Our produce can be found at some of Dallas's finest restaurants. We're a couple who aim to provide the freshest vegetables by following the natural principles in growing. (more...)

Por-Bar Farms

  Homerville, OH

Por-Bar Farms is an authentic sustainable farm offering fresh, local produce, herbs and flowers. Our year-round operation features heirloom varieties grown in raised beds within high tunnels presently on 1 acre of our farmstead. We strictly follow organic and eco-friendly growing practices. (more...)