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Jersey BuffThe Buff, or Jersey Buff, is an historic variety of the mid-Atlantic region named for the beautiful color of its feathers. It was accepted by the American Poultry Association in 1874 but was never widespread. So unfortunately, by the early 20th century, the Buff turkey was already rare. One obstacle to the breed's success was the difficulty of breeding birds to fit the color standard, which called for even buff throughout with light flight feathers. The breed's color was advantageous for processing because of the nearly white pinfeathers, though the Buff was not extensively selected for other performance qualities. Buff turkeys were used in the development of the Bourbon Red variety early in the 1900s. As the Bourbon Red gained prominence, the Buff declined. Today there are very few Buff turkeys kept at the seasonal hatcheries in the US and a small number are being raised by exhibition breeders.

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Rivendel Farms

  Cadiz, KY

We raise Heritage breeds of livestock, not only because they taste better, but by creating a market for the heritage breeds we are saving an endangered animal from becoming extinct. In our gardens and fields we grow open pollinated and heirloom vegetables with the same great values and pride that our fore fathers did.(more...)

Patient Wait Farms

  Piedmont, SC

A Jersey Girl who is trying to be a good steward of her corner of the SC Upstate. I raise happy and healthy Nigerian Dwarf goats for "gardening duties" and milking. We have friendly, healthy kids for sale from time to time. Please check my sales page on my website for availability. (more...)

Paradise Acres Farm

  Elgin, SC

Paradise Acres Farm is a small family farm dedicated to producing fresh and naturally grown fruits, vegetables, eggs (chicken, duck, and turkey), chicken, turkey, duck, and goat for the local community. We produce products free from harmful fertilizers, pesticides, and antibiotics. (more...)

Nature's Touch Nursery & Harvest

  Templeton, CA

Seasonal gourmet grocery that specializes in locally grown, Certified Organic & Naturally grown produce, dairy, fruits, breads & meats. Specialty plant nursery that only stocks California Natives, Antique Flowers & Certified Organic Vegetable & Herbal Plants. Seasonal fresh cut herbs & Greens. (more...)

McNally's Farm

  Rocky Point, NC

McNally's Farm is located in Southeastern NC just 20 minutes north of Wilmington and very close to the coast. Our goal is to raise heritage breeds of turkeys for sale on the east coast. We also raise rare breeds of chickens. The breeds we are starting with are Welsummers and Standard Modern Games (Red Pyle). We are NPIP certified. (more...)

Gods Country Vegetable Farm

  kingston, MI

We are a small vegetable farm specialized in sweet corn, tomatoes, and almost ever other small vegetables. We also raise chickens and turkeys.(more...)