New Orleans Daube GlacÚ

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Encasing meat in jelly was a popular form of food preservation in the era before refrigeration. New Orleans Daube GlacÚ is a relic of this era. The Daube GlacÚ is made from a round roast of meat (usually beef) that is braised with various seasonings and gelatinous substances. This creation is refrigerated in its stock to form a cold, jellied meat, which is then simmered down to create the GlacÚ.

Daube GlacÚ is served in many ways, but mainly it is dished up cold with garlic croutons or spread upon crackers. Few people make Daube GlacÚ themselves, but it is widely available in retail markets throughout New Orleans; its only commercial producer is Langenstein's grocery store.

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