Santa Maria Pinquitos Bean

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The Santa Maria Pinquitos Bean comes from Santa Maria, California where it is known as a classic side dish bean. The bean is small, hearty and pink with a dense and creamy consistency. The Pinquitos bean is a quick-cooking bean that holds its form once heated and is consequently perfect for use in chili and salads.

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Tierra Vegetables Farm

  Santa Rosa, CA

At Tierra Vegetables, we're committed to growing diversified vegetables, fruits and wool products of the very highest quality through sustainable farming practices. We are also growing heirloom dried beans and dried corn for corn bread, polenta, and tortillas. (more...)

Pairie Vews

  Chapman, KS

Our micro farm is on a mission to provide a diversity of delicious vegetables and flowers to our community through the Farmers Markets, local restaurants, and stores. We utilize bee and wildlife friendly methods, biodiversity, nutrient-dense farming, and soil health enhancement. (more...)

Out of the Box Collective

  Chatsworth, CA

Out of the Box Collective delivers nutrition based well-being to 1000 zip codes across SoCal. Every week since 2010 we have been delivering locally sourced, small batch organic food, pastured meats, wild caught fish and more, along with recipes designed to inspire and delight our demanding clientele. (more...)

Mudjoy Farm

  Dayton, OR

Americans derive almost all of their calories from just 12 crops. Yet, botanists estimate that 10,000 edible plants exist. Our mission is to showcase some of these novel and rare crops, while at the same time offering the traditional varieties that we all know and love. (more...)

Invincible Summer Farms

  Southold, NY

Invincible Summer Farms specializes in growing rare, unique, and endangered heirloom and open pollinated vegetables, herbs and flowers. (more...)

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

  Ortonville, MI

Local food security begins with local, regionally adapted seeds. Great Lakes Staple Seeds provides seeds for homestead staple crops: wheat, barley, buckwheat, oats, rye, amaranth, beans, peas, lentils, cowpeas, chickpeas, squashes, flax & more... Noteworthy varieties aboard Slow Food Ark of Taste and from the Kusa Seed Society Collection. (more...)