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asian pears

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Similar to a pear in appearance but more like a very crisp and juicy apple. Also known in the U.S. as Chinese pears, Japanese pears, sand or apple pears.

For centuries Asian pears were cultivated in China, Japan and Korea where it's still possible to find trees that are well over a hundred years old growing in forests or private gardens.

Today there are literally hundreds of varieties cultivated in China, Korea and Japan. Sometime during the 19th century Asian pears were introduced to California by Chinese migrants who brought the first seeds and planted them with various results. These first results improved dramatically thanks to the help of dedicated pomologists. Asian pears, like apples and peaches, should be left to ripen in the tree for best flavor, but once harvested will keep very well in cold storage.

There are basically 3 types: round flat green to yellow ones, round bronze to russet ones, and pear shaped russet ones; all share the same characteristics of being very sweet, crisp and juicy. And here a word of thanks to all those organic fruit farmers who sometimes must feel they are in a losing battle against pests and blights ,yet don't fail to produce such good results, no matter if in a smaller scale.

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