CSA:  Baba's Oasis

Operates: April-December

Listing last updated on Feb 9, 2015

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Contact Information

Nourah Mumeen
(901) 601-2239

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To be a member, all you have to do is sign up for free. The catch is we only have limited available CSA spots. So, if you are interested, it is best to signup before all slots are taken. If all CSA spots are taken, you will be put on a waiting list until a CSA spot becomes open or until new CSA spots become available via farm expansion.

The only requirement is that you make a purchase from the store at least once every month. Failure to do this will result in forfeiture of your membership. CSA member prices are 25% less than our public store prices. The cost is deliberately kept free to allow for those with lower incomes, or single people to more easily join and because our beliefs prevent us from taking payments upfront for produce that doesn't exist yet.

The Online Store will be open 7 days for 24 hours a day. You may place orders until Tuesday for delivery on Thursday of the same week. Any CSA orders made after 11:59pm on Tuesday will be fulfilled Thursday of the following week. Just like at a Farmer's Market, it will be first come, first served. If you miss out on any of your favorites, just order earlier the next week.

Our CSA has a great deal of freedom for members to get what they want, when they want it � as long as it�s according to our schedule. In order for us to make so wide-open a CSA model work for us, however, requires a lot of details and operating procedures (i.e., rules for you to follow).

CSA disribution will begin April 30, 2015

CSA Details

Season:  April through December

Type:  single farm

Share Prices:  Free

Does Add-ons:  Chicken, duck & quail eggs all on organic high omega-3 diet. Raw Honey, Mushrooms, and Fruits.

Work Required?  No

Our Drop Offs and Delivery Areas :

Drop Off Point / Center of Delivery Area

Baba's Oasis  (Thu)

Contact: Nourah Mumeen
Phone: (901) 601-2239