At the Birchwood, we create fresh, unique food with down-home appeal. We source local, sustainable, organic and fair trade ingredients whenever possible to lovingly handcraft a variety of vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. We take care to know the land, the animals and the people we work with are treated with respect. We buy from Riverbend Farm, Featherstone Farm, DragSmith Farm, SE MN Food Network, Hope Creamery, Whole Grain Milling, Thousand Hills Cattle, Wild Acres Poutlry, Fischer Farms, Castle Rock Dairy, Bullfrog Fish Farm among others. In the height of the growing season, we buy over 80% of our produce locally. Our meat, pork and poutlry, dairy,eggs & cheese are sourced locally year round.

Not only does the food taste better, you'll feel better making the choice for a cleaner, healthier, more humane, and of course, tastier world. And we do it with style! From Vegan Sweet Potato Millet Cakes to Wild Acres Smoked Chicken Spanakopita with Kiwi Orvieto Sauce, we put a spin on food you thought you knew.

There's a lot in the Birchwood name. Established in 1926 by the Bursch family, the cafe was originally a dairy. In the 1940's, Cy and Del Bursch converted the dairy into a neighborhood grocery, which quickly became an essential part of neighborhood life. Food staples, penny candy and neighborhood news established the Birchwood as a favorite meeting place and after-school hangout.

In 1995, Cy and Del handed the Birchwood Store over to us and once again the Birchwood was reborn, this time as the Birchwood Cafe. Keeping the traditions of freshness and community alive, we made the Birchwood a friendly place to find good food and good people. Thirteen years (and counting!) later, the Birchwood is not just for neighbors anymore. Now a popular destination, people drive from miles around to feel right at home.

The Birchwood is a very family friendly cafe. We serve local organic Sweet Cheeks baby food and offer a great kid's menu featuring 1000 Hills all beef hot dogs and our much loved Kid's cheese pizza. And we have sidewalk chalk too!

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On Mondays & Tuesdays the Birchwood Cafe features 1/2 price wine and live jazz from 6pm-9 On Saturday nights we have a Pizza Party special; 2 personal size pizzas and a bottle of win (you choose red or white) for $30. Sunday is Burgers & Beer night. Enjoy your choice of 1000 Hills Beef Burger, Wild Acres Turkey Burger or Whole Grain Milling Black Bean Burger with a pitcher of local Tap beer for $30

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