Log Cabin Orchard

  (Plymouth, Wisconsin)

Wintertime in the Orchard

Now that we've had our first cold snap, we will be starting pruning the apple tree.  Trees need to be 'cold hardened' before pruning.  If they are not cold hardened, the pruning process will stimulate the trees and when we eventually get a cold spell, the trees may be damaged.

 We still are participating in winter markets in Sheboygan, Fond du Lac, and the Milwaukee area via the "Food, Faith, and Farming Network". http://www.cclpmidwest.org/Milwaukee_2015_16_V8.pdf


HoneyCrisp are ready!!!

HoneyCrisp and McIntosh's are ready!

Fall 2013

After a disastrous 2012, this year  is turning out to be an an above average year. Zestar and McIntosh's are now available. We are pressing cider weekly.

 This is the first year we have organic apples available.  We have a limited supply and varieties available will change throughout the season.


See you at the Saturday Sheboygan and Fox Point farmer's markets and at our roadside stand Sunday's noon to 5:00PM.  Scott


Spring 2013

Just finished pruning the 'old' orchard and now on to the 'new' plantings.  The new fallen snow makes it look serene, but a challenge to get around.


Spring 2011

2011 is the latest spring ever!  Normally by Mother's Day the orchard is in full bloom.  At the current progress, it will be 1-2 weeks later.  Pray for a LONG growing season!

January Musings

January is the time to start pruning.  I prune the apple trees to: keep the size manageable, allow good light penetration for fruit coloring, maximize fruti size, and to remove dead/diseased limbs.

I will be at the Sheboygan Indoor Farmers' Market again on Saturday, January 10th with Honeycrisp and Granny Smith apples, honey, maple and apple syrup and hot apple cider.




December Comments

While the orchard is covered in a blanket of new fallen snow, we still have Honeycrisp and Granny Smith apples.  I will be at the Sheboygan indoor Farmer's Market on Dec 27th.

Much to be Thankful For

We at Log Cabin Orchard have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season.

We had an abundance of high quality fruit this year and an equally good marketing year at our farmer's markets.

We thank all of our loyal customers for patronizing us, even though they can buy fruit cheaper at the supermarkets.  They truly understand the benefits of locally grown food.

I would like to thank my wife Julie for putting up with this endevour and for assisting in 'manning" (womanning?) her framer's market.  I can only be in one place at-a-time, so her assistance is invaluable.

Everyone have a safe and happy Thanksgiving season.




Harvest Complete

Apple harvest is complete.  I just finished picking the Granny Smith's.  I have been getting ready for winter by putting away equipment and placing tree gurards on the new plantings.


I stiil have Honeycrisp, Cortland, and Granny Smith apples for sale.

I will be at the Sheboygan INDOOR Farmer's Market starting Saturday, November 15th at the UCC church near Vollrath Park.


See you there!


Initial Entry

Harvest is winding down at Log Cabin Orchard, just as the falls colors are at thier peak. I still have a few Cortlands to pick yet along with the Granny Smith's. We have 1 Saturday market and 3 Wednesdays left at Sheboygan.
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