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Once upon a time, there was an Emu Farmer - Part 1

Largely influenced by visits to Grandpa’s farm as a young boy, Mike Martin would eventually work the holidays and summers of his teenage years on that same farm with his uncle putting in long hours for low pay, and “loved it!” “I was totally immersed into it.” While his uncle was a wheat farmer, there were also cattle, sheep, and chickens which provided the livestock and poultry exposure.

After high school, Mike served a tour of duty in the military, married and started a family. This caused him to have to consider stable employment to provide for the family. Even then, they bought a large piece of land, planted a garden on it, and rented the rest out.

It wasn’t until 1993 that Mike was able to begin to fulfill a lifelong dream when he and his second wife Dee, bought a 23 acre piece of property to dedicate to farming. The property, called 4D Acres, was named after Mike (Dad), his wife Dee, and their two sons David and Daniel.

They began raising chickens as Mike did not like the taste of store-bought chickens. Free range broiler chickens are still a staple part of the farm today.

Around 1996 Mike and Dee began to look further into other livestock to optimize the operation. At one point they had four head of cattle, but the farm size would not allow for much more, and therefore would not be sustainable.

It was at a summer farm show in Southeast Kansas that Mike first saw some baby emus and after talking with the owners took some information. His intentions were to explore it further upon arriving home, the busy-ness of life caused that information to gather dust and eventually find its way into the round file known as the trash can. The following February, Mike was again at a farm meeting and came across more information about the emus from the Missouri Emu Association. After considering it again, Mike got in contact with the Kansas Emu Association and found a monthly meeting that was relatively close to home, which the family began attending to research more about the potential to raise emus.

The timing happened to be right, as the prices for emu were dropping, after there had been much market speculation regarding the bird’s value. Because the emu was an exotic livestock market and not a product developing market, it saturated very quickly. Mike knew that he would need to market the product potential of the emu to make the venture worthwhile.

To be continued…

For Ultra Pain Relief

Let’s face it, when you’re in pain, you want to know you can find a way to ease your suffering. Chronic pain is the root of many lost hours of professional productivity and personal pleasure. At 4 D Acres we want to assist you with your pain relief needs. ULTRA™ Emu Oil has been found to be 45% more effective for pain when compared with regular emu oil. One of our customers who has fibromyalgia said that while she finds relief with regular emu oil, the difference in pain reduction is astounding when she uses ULTRA™ Emu Oil.

4 D ACRES Muscle-Joint Plus is a special formulation of 20% ULTRA™ Emu Oil for increased reduction in tissue inflammation. While other brands only use regular emu oil, you can rest assured that the pain relief power in our Muscle-Joint Plus will calm your aches and pains because of the ULTRA™ Emu Oil it contains.

I just picked up the (Ultra) Emu Oil from the post office today. It's a good thing as I was attacked by a very scared cat. I was scratched, bruised and have some pretty deep punctures on my arms. (The cat's OK just scared by some noise outside.) It was 45 minutes after I was scratched and my arms were inflamed and burning when I finally opened my mail and put the (Ultra) emu oil on my arms. Instant relief! While the spots are still sensitive there is no more burning and the swelling has gone down. Now I was ready to use it for the reason I ordered it...I put some on my back where I suffer from daily inflammation due to an old injury. Four hours later and I have only felt a little bit of discomfort in my lower back. Now I am looking forward to getting a good night’s sleep without the pain. I'm looking forward to continued use... - C.M. Van Nuys, CA

If Every Day Were Saturday

If every day were Saturday, life at 4 D Acres would be tough to handle. Fortunately it comes only once a week.

Saturdays are Farmers’ Market days, and because the markets open at 6:30 a.m., our day actually starts on Friday afternoon. We begin by stocking the freezers on the truck and the trailer with emu meat and chicken which will be available for sale at the market. Then our emu oil products must be inventoried and strategically loaded in market crates to make placement easy once we arrive. Following a check list, we also make sure that we have sales receipts and calculators loaded with appropriate sales tax rates.

In addition to all of the prep work for the next day, the current day’s obligations must be handled first, phones answered, orders filled, packed and shipped by 4:30 p.m. If the phones are busy, the inventorying and packing for market must wait. All in all, when we make it to the post office before it closes with the outgoing orders, and to bed by 9:00 p.m., we consider ourselves lucky.

No matter what time we get to sleep on Friday night, we follow a strict schedule on Saturday. That means that we rise no later than 3:00 a.m. to quietly shower and dress so we don’t wake the rest of the household. If any orders come in via the internet during the night, they are handled immediately. Our goal is to leave the house by 4:00 a.m. sharp and head to the local gas station to fill up the gas tank, and get a hot or cold drink for the drive ahead.

Mike arrives at the Overland Park Market* around 5:00 a.m. to begin setup, a process that has now become second nature. Set up the tables with product, signage, and our newsletter signup sheet. David arrives around 6:00 a.m. with to pick up the truck, also loaded with a freezer and products and heads to the Merriam Market* to set up his area. From 6:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Mike and David spend the time talking with customers and market attendees, as well as other vendors. Both sell product, answer questions about the oil, the meat, the bird and the 4 D Acres farm. If it is not too busy, they take the opportunity to fit in a breakfast break, buying food from one of the other vendors.

Once the crowds retreat, the process begins its reversal, repack everything and load the trailer. Meeting up again around 2:30 p.m., Mike and David head somewhere to enjoy a late but welcomed lunch before heading back to the farm to unload.

Dinner is usually ready by the time the unloading is done and we enjoy our meal before heading to the office to input the sales for the day. On a good day, this is all done by 7:00 p.m. The plan is then for Mike and Dee to relax in front of the TV for a while before it is bedtime. Inevitably, Mike falls asleep on the couch and Dee wakes him about 9:00 p.m. to tell him it is time for bed.

So as you can see, there are not enough hours in the day for every day to be Saturday. For that we are thankful!

*Because of Mike’s farm commitments and David’s work schedule, they currently are not doing the Saturday Farmers’ Markets.

3 Tips for the Proper Care of Emu Oil

Emu oil is becoming well known for its many positive healthy properties, but like any natural product, it has a limited shelf life. Proper care of your emu oil can extend its usefulness.

4 D Acres emu oil has a shelf life of 2 to 3 years from the time it is refined, and we keep all of our oil in refrigeration until the point of sale in order to maintain its freshness for our customers. Once you have purchased the oil, it is advisable to follow a few steps to properly care for your oil.

  1. Keep in a dry, dark place. Sunlight causes oxidization which breaks down the oil and can cause it to become rancid.
  2. Keep the lid on tight. Air is another cause of oxidization. Keeping the lid on tight will help maintain the oil and keep it from absorbing odors from other products in the vicinity.
  3. Buy Thrifty. Purchasing a larger bottle of emu oil can be extremely cost-effective. If you purchase a large size emu oil, you should keep it in the refrigerator and take it out only to fill your small container. To do this, run the larger container under warm water until the oil liquefies. Pour the oil into the small container and return the large container to the refrigerator.
When any oil begins to smell, it is the first sign that your oil is turning rancid. It has not been determined if this affects the properties of emu oil. 4 D Acres chooses not to scent our oil so that you are aware of any changes to your emu oil.

Healing the Whole Body is the Main Concern

Kelly Behnke is a proponent for whole body health, not just because it is her profession, but because whole body health has given her life. After being ran over by a large horse over 6 years ago, Kelly was uncertain if she would ever enjoy life the way she had before. With 3 herniated discs, she went through nine months of doctor’s visits, therapies, and the consideration of surgery, which seemed to be her only option. Because the surgeon’s prognosis of her recovery following surgery was uncertain, even in regard to her ability to walk, Kelly decided to try alternative healing instead. What Kelly wanted most to do was ride her beloved horses again.

Kelly’s mom, Roberta Ashby, was already practicing MFR Therapy (Myofascial Release) and Kelly decided that she would give that a try as an alternative to surgery. Myofascial Release is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. After only 3 months of treatment, Kelly began to experience amazing changes in her back as well as other aspects of her health. An MRI later showed that the herniated discs had disappeared.

As Kelly’s health improved, she also began to pay attention to the rest of her body and embraced a whole body health philosophy and decided that she would follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a Myofascial Release Therapist. They later opened Main Body Works together at 564 Main Street in Osawatomie, Kansas where they focus on working with their clients toward whole body healing through the myofascial release, proper nutrition and supplements, and other therapies. On Christmas Day last year, they celebrated the 5 year anniversary of their location opening.

Kelly is also a proponent of our 4 D Acres Hand Lotion. She uses it on her own hands before every treatment because it is moisturizing while not leaving an oily residue. Unlike some massage treatments, myofascial release is not done with the application of oils or lotions. She has noticed that using it also reduces inflammation in her knuckles and wrists after performing up to 5 therapy treatments a day. She also recommends 4 D Acres Muscle Joint Plus for deep penetrating relief of muscle and joint pain.

A myofascial release treatment lasts about 90 minutes, and appointments are available by calling 913.731.2535.

A/R Crème for Applied Relief

The last thing you need when you have an outbreak of acne or other skin blemishes is a product that further irritates the affected area, increasing the redness, causing more pain, and drying out your skin. Sometimes the treatment can be the reason for scarring more than the irritation itself.

It is probably important to you to know what you are putting on your skin. It is important to use products that are natural and effective in treating the symptoms that you have. It is frustrating enough to have to suffer from certain skin conditions, but more frustrating to have limited relief from product after product without understanding why.

The anatomy of a blemish is larger than what we see on the surface, which can make even a good product seem like it isn’t working. Because there is an infection of sorts that is deeper than the outer surface of our skin, the damage does not disappear with a product like an eraser to a punctuation error on the chalkboard. Often it will seem if things are getting worse before they get better as the infection works its way out.

The deep skin-penetrating effect of emu oil is one of the reasons that our A/R Crème is so effective, because the issue of the skin condition goes beyond topical. Our A/R Crème contains 100% natural ingredients, the primary one being Sulfur, a proven acne medication. It is highly concentrated which means that a very small amount is needed to achieve the desired result. Overuse of the product can actually complicate the healing process by drying out the skin. It can be used for treatment as well as a preventive measure against further breakouts.

Educating the Value-Driven Consumer

How do you know what you are buying? How do you separate marketing hype from facts? Is price point all you consider when you are purchasing products that you gravitate to because of their health value?

Emu oil, for all its positive qualities, does not escape from the hard pitches and advertising gimmicks. It is our desire at 4D Acres to educate consumers, so that they know just what they are getting when they exchange their hard-earned money for our products.

Does your oil make the grade?

Emu oil is classified into three grades*, A, B and C. Grade A emu oil must be fully refined and meet the international trade rules for Grade A emu oil.

Grade B emu oil has been fully refined, but does not meet the international trade rules for Grade A emu oil. It is commonly used in products or and is sold for use on animals by 4 D Acres.

Grade C emu oil has been rendered, but not refined. It is used in the making of lye soap and for light industrial use.

*pharmaceutical grade, cosmetic grade , triple refined; these are marketing terms used by some product companies and add nothing to the quality of the oil.

What determines quality in emu oil?

The feeding and care of the birds can affect the quality of the oil. If quality is important to you, you might want to know exactly where your oil is coming from and what the diet of the birds producing that oil is. Poor feed will result in a lesser quality oil.

Proper care and age of the emu fat will and can also determine the quality of the oil. Fat that is stored too long cannot be brought up to Grade A standards.

The color of oil is another factor. While the color of the oil may meet the tolerances of a Grade A emu oil, 4 D Acres only sells creamy white emu oil. Any color variation is automatically downgraded to Grade B. The Ultra Emu Oil ™ and the Clear Emu Oil offered by 4 D Acres only come from creamy white oil.

AEA Certified Emu Oil?

AEA (American Emu Association) Certified Emu Oil is pure emu oil that has been tested by an AOCS (American Oil Chemist Society) certified chemist and has been certified to meet the stringent specifications for the Emu Oil Fully Refined Trade rules. This well-documented certification process ensures that the emu oil has been tested and has achieved the specifications of Pure Fully Refined Emu Oil. A sample is held in storage and can be pulled for testing if there is any question of product purity. Only pure emu oil that has gone through this stringent process can carry the AEA Certification Seal. (as shown)

All companies must be registered with the American Emu Association in order to sell and carry the American Emu Association Certified Fully Refined seal on their label, websites and/or advertising.

Does the refining process matter?

This is a question that many people have. Because some refining methods are terribly inefficient and totally ineffective at producing a safe, consistent, top quality, stable finished product, it is important to consider the source of your emu oil and its refining process. The two most common refining methods are molecular distillation and physical refining.

Molecular distillation is popular in the cosmetics industry, maybe most notably for stripping vitamin E from soybean oil so that it can be used in other products and applications. It can however be ineffective for emu oil because it could potentially strip essential properties from the oil as it is not completely understood what the exact components of emu oil are that deliver its amazing benefits. Molecular distillation involves spinning the oil over metal plates at variable speeds with the intent of separating the impurities, but it has not been proven to be effective with emu oil. In fact, the process can leave high levels of peroxide which will cause the oxidization of the oil, creating a rapid turning of the oil to a rancid state.

4 D Acres chooses to use a refinery that uses the physical refining method. Physical refining does not add any chemicals to the oil as some websites would lead you to believe. The process is all-natural and environmentally safe, using natural clays to treat the oil, removing impurities, pigments and bacteria. No harsh chemicals are used.

It is our desire to bring you the highest quality product at the fairest price. We hope that the next time you consider an emu oil purchase, that you will consider 4 D Acres emu oil.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@4dacres.com with any questions or comments.

The Ole West Lives On in Louisburg

Bill and Brenda Harris bought a piece of property on the 2nd Saturday in March in 2001 and have developed it into a 56,000 square foot commercial property that thrives as an ole west border town.

Bill had retired from the corporate world and wanted to create a country-western family atmosphere where people could go to get away from the city and experience a little down-home ambience. He was able to do that by continuing the legacy started by Jim Rutlader at Rutlader’s Outpost on the old Highway 69 in Louisburg Kansas. He admits that he works more hours than he did in his corporate job, but has loved that he could create his own destiny.

Bill and Brenda help others create their own destiny as well at the Miller Creek Theater, including local musicians. Beginning in the second week of March through the second week in December, the Miller Creek Theater hosts Country Western acts from Branson, Missouri, and Nashville, Tennessee as well as musicians from the greater Kansas City area. Upcoming shows include local favorite Tony Juarez as well as Nashville’s T. Graham Brown. With an open theater that seats 600, the venue is an important piece of the Miami County, Kansas landscape and economy.

The Middle Creek Band is the house entertainment and there is always promise of a good foot-stompin’ time, as they play at every show. For a schedule of upcoming shows you can visit their webpage at www.middlecreektheater.com.

Concerts are every Saturday evening at 7:30 during the open season. Rutlader’s Outpost and RV Park is open year round. Bill and Brenda are great supporters of the community and have always been willing to help us here at 4 D Acres and anyone else in the community. We (Mike and Dee) have really enjoyed the shows that we have seen at the Middle Creek Theater.

It’s Grillin’ Time

Summertime means cooking outdoors to keep the house cool. For your next meal, try slow-grilling a free range broiler chicken from 4 D Acres. Our birds come ready for cooking. They are not injected with water or other filler liquids, and you’ll find them to be very flavorful. There is not a lot of fat on the birds either.

To slow grill a whole chicken, thaw in the refrigerator, then rinse inside and out. Lightly salt the inside of the bird cavity with coarse sea salt as well as the outside. Add pepper if desired. Leave the skin on as it will help retain the bird’s moisture as it cooks. Place on the top rack of your gas grill over low heat and let cook for about 1 ½ to 2 hours. Check periodically after one hour of cooking time. This low and slow cooking will give you a tender, juicy, and flavorful main dish for your next meal. You will see the skin begin to pull away from the bone as it approaches doneness.

The USDA cooking recommendation is to cook chicken to 165°F using a digital food thermometer and is best measured at the thickest part of the inner thigh. Our free range broiler chickens are also great fried or broiled. They are available for shipping to your residence or for pick up at 4 D Acres.

Email info@4Dacres.com for more information. Do you have a favorite chicken recipe? We would love to hear from you about it!

Talking Chickens at 4 D Acres

Up to three times a year we will order chickens to raise here on the farm and offer as free range broiler chickens. Mike calls the Stover Hatchery in Stover, Missouri with a month anticipation to order 200 birds at a time. Immediately upon placing that order, he calls the processing plant to schedule processing, as the timing is key to get the optimum size and weight from the bird.

The day old chicks are delivered First Class U.S. Mail (as are all baby birds in the United States), in two aerated cardboard boxes, taped together, one on top of the other. About 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. we receive a phone call here at the farm from the local post office that the birds are ready for pick up. We try to get them right away as there is no way to keep 200 baby chicks from peeping in the post office.

The “Chicken Suite” has already been prepared for their arrival – prepped with heat lamps and their pine chip bedding laid and warmed. Water and unmedicated meat bird feed is also placed for easy access. The feed is a special mash for meat birds. Our chickens are not egg layers.

After 2 ½ weeks the birds have started feathering and are allowed to free range in the yard, feeding on bugs and grasses in addition to their standard feed. Their water is now outside which gets them out into the fresh air. They are locked up at night to protect them from predators.

Between 42 to 45 days, they are sent to ANCO Poultry Processing, a local family owned company in the next county to the southwest of Louisburg. After they are processed, they are shrink wrapped and flash frozen and we then store them in freezers here at 4 D Acres. Delicious fried, smoked and barbecued, they are low in fat content, and not injected with water or liquid flavors or fillers. Pampered Chef has a great video on how to cut up a chicken.

Delicious fried, smoked and barbecued, they are low in fat content, and not injected with water or liquid flavors or fillers. Pampered Chef has a great YouTube video on how to cut up a chicken.

The chickens are available for local delivery or pick up at the farm. We have shipped them before as well. For more information email us at info@4dacres.com.  

Emu Oil ~ Nature's Perfect Emollient

Emu oil is said to be nature's "perfect emollient". It is a superb transdermal carrier that promotes healing from the inside out.

With high levels of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, emu oil has been shown to thicken the skin making it a natural anti-aging agent. Because human skin thins as we age, emu oil is the perfect remedy for moisture balance as well as overall skin health. In a study by: Dr. Leigh Hopkins of the AEA Oil Standards Team (Research Leader), emu oil was found to be so beneficial to the health of human skin because of the similarities between the two.
“Summary: When compared with human skin oil, the fatty acid composition of emu oil is found to be quite similar. In both types of oil, mono-unsaturated oleic acid is the most prevalent fatty acid, followed by palmitic acid, then linoleic acid, which is an EFA. This similarity may be one of the factors enabling emu oil to have such a positive action on human skin.”
One of the ongoing concerns in the cosmetic industry has always been the quality of a skin care product known as comedogenics, which basically considers whether it clogs pores or not. Emu oil is not only non-comedogenic, meaning that it will not clog pores and cause irritation, but it is a natural anti-inflammatory and will ease flare-ups of acne and other skin ailments. In a double blind study on the Moisturizing and Cosmetic Properties of Emu Oil, realized by Dr. Alexander Zemtsov, (Indiana University School of Medicine), Dr. Monica Gaddis, (Ball Memorial Hospital), and Dr. Victor Montalvo-Lugo, (Ball Memorial Hospital), emu oil was preferred over mineral oil for moisturizing the skin.
“Summary: Eleven human subjects took part in a double-blind clinical study which compared emu oil with mineral oil in texture, skin permeability and moisturizing properties, as well as comedogenicity and irritability to the skin. No irritation to the skin was observed with either oil. However, comedogenicity of emu oil was significantly lower than that of mineral oil, and all subjects stated a unanimous preference for emu oil.”

Magic Formula for Skin Care

Our faces are subject to an enormous amount of potential damage. This is because of exposure to the sun, dirt and dust, bacteria passed from our hands, and of course, the effects of aging. While we cannot stop the clock or the calendar from advancing, we can take important steps to minimize the effects of aging and the effects of environmental damage to the skin.

After proper facial cleansing, balanced moisture in the skin is next on the priority list for a healthy look from the neck up. 4 D Acres offers an amazing product called Golden Magic. Golden Magic is an age-defying essential oil serum which contains biological active ingredients including vitamins A, C and E to promote skin elasticity, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and minimizing the signs of aging. Only 100% all natural ingredients known for their restorative properties are used to formulate this fabulous night serum, including emu oil, Grape Seed Oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin C (microencapsulated), and Vitamin E (Natural Tocopherol).

Golden Magic will transfer nutrients through the skin barrier faster than any substance on the planet. Only two small drops applied to the face and neck is all that is needed following your gentle nighttime cleansing routine. Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers are saying!


The Golden Magic is working like its name! I've been using it faithfully for the last 2 years - most of my discolor facial skin disappear, and I appear younger looking because my skin has less wrinkles - no one believe that I'm in mid sixty, they thought I'm in forties!!! - T.T. Kansas City, MO

I love your products so much that I wrote Dr. Oz to brag about them. The Golden Magic is just that...MAGIC!! I have fought dry skin all my life. Now I just use two drops of Golden Magic, and I am moisturized and hydrated. I use the massage oil in the shower to lock in moisture and then use the body lotion after the shower. I love the shampoo and conditioner. As my other products are finished, I will replace them all with your products. Great stuff. I am 54 and don't look it now. Even my neck is losing wrinkles! Thanks for great products. - J.P. Savannah, GA

What is Inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to an injury or an infection, characterized by redness, heat, swelling, pain and dysfunction of the organs involved. There are both acute (immediate) and chronic (long-term) inflammation and have some interesting distinctions.

Stubbing your toe or getting bit by a mosquito causes acute inflammation, which is actually a signal that your body has begun to heal the affected area. Because of the above-mentioned characteristics, the inflammation is both a positive (healing) and a negative (bothersome).

Chronic inflammation is more serious in that it is both healing and destructive at the same time and tends to proliferate and worsen over time. Allergies and auto-immune diseases are examples of chronic inflammation.

Knowing about inflammation is great, but the real issue is what to do about it! According to the School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, Roseworthy Campus, University of Adelaide, Roseworthy, SA, Australia, orally administered emu oil decreases acute inflammation in lab rats. They were being treated for mucositis resulting from cancer chemotherapy. “Emu oil decreased acute ileal inflammation, and improved mucosal architecture in the intestine during recovery from chemotherapy in rats.”


Emu oil has been found to be effective most evidently in topical applications because the transdermal qualities allow the emu oil to penetrate the skin and heal lesions and injuries, such as bug bites, bruises, scrapes, burns, and rashes.

Your Skin is Unique To You

Your skin is unique to you, with its special needs and requirements. You should use a product that can address the needs of your skin. Derma 50 is a unique skin care product for your special skin care needs. It is derived from “all natural” ingredients that have incredible transdermal effects due to the emu oil content. Because of a remarkable patent called “Preparation of Stable Aqueous Emulsion of Water-Insoluble Particles" (U.S. Patent #5.3093.461), Derma 50 is unequaled in the market.

When you spend money on your cosmetic products, you must choose wisely, carefully considering your pocketbook with your skin’s individual requirements. Often, other products are manufactured far more inexpensively because they contain chemicals that are easily obtained and added to products, but might not be healthy for our skin.

The long term cost may be much higher, even though it may cost less, because it is still uncertain if chemicals and synthetics harm our skin or even possibly inhibit the healing process of the other natural ingredients. Products derived from “all natural” ingredients can be more expensive but more effective, actually resulting in a much wiser investment.

The raw ingredients used in Derma 50, such as surfactants (oils), thickeners, preservatives and antioxidants, originate from all natural sources. Many are natural derivatives of products from Germany, France, Italy and other European countries.

DERMA 50 can be used in many treatment applications, including burns, rashes, bedsores, poison ivy, and more, and is safe for all ages. DERMA 50 will significantly hasten the healing process and reduce scarring.

4 D Acres will always guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.

The Unique Properties of Emu Oil

The internet is filled with information about emu oil, some verified and some not. Some of it can be downright misleading. For that reason, 4 D Acres tries to give you information that is backed by scientific studies.

While emu oil is just beginning to make its mark in the world of clinical trials, there are some studies that seem to indicate that the qualities of pure emu oil are well founded.

We will share a few of those studies with you regarding some key properties of emu oil.Click on the red text to open hyperlinked article.

· Anti-inflammatory activity Emu oil(s): a source of non-toxic transdermal anti-inflammatory agents in aboriginal medicine.
This study has found that “The 'oil' obtained from emu fat can be a very effective inhibitor of chronic inflammation in rats when applied dermally…”

· Penetration enhanced for topical skin products Letter to the Editor, Australasian Journal of Dermatology
A report on a study finding emu oil to be “totally non-irritating, having good moisturizing properties, cosmetically pleasing texture, and low incidence of comedogenicity.” Additionally it states that “the most intriguing property of emu oil, …is its proposed ability to penetrate the [skin]. See top of the 2nd page (page 160).

· Rapid skin cell rejuvenation Why the Excitement About Emu Oil? Deena Gentle shares some interesting findings on emu oil, including a quote from Mark Potter is president of Atlantis Labs and Stephen Marcus Manufacturing, “Our tests have shown that emu oil provides the skin with essential fatty acids which help the skin respond to healing."

· Significant scar reduction
Emu Oil Research
A resume of published medical research from a variety of sources, both in Australia and around the world, into various properties that have been attributed to Emu Oil. Pay particular note to "Evaluation of Emu Oil in Lubrication and Treatment of Healed Burn Wounds", in which it is found that emu oil assists in scar reduction and healing associated with burns.

4 D Acres is committed to bringing you the highest quality emu oil products and information regarding those products.

Questions? Email us at info@4dacres.com

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