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In another installment of Business Profiles, we would like to present InterKan. When it comes to website options, they are too numerous to count. Whether it is for hosting, design or simply maintenance, it is important that you can rely on your service provider. If you have problems with your website, your virtual storefront, you can compare that to a brick and mortar store that is messy and unattractive or that simply does not open for business.

4 D Acres Emu Oil has been using InterKan for hosting, design and maintenance of our site www.4dacresemuoil.com almost the entire 16 years we have been in business because we realized early on the importance of having a website.   When our original web designer passed away, we called Sheila Kamler, owner of InterKan, having met her at a state convention for the Kansas Emu Association. Based on the preexisting relationship and the services InterKan provides, we moved to their hosting service and redesigned the website. Just a few years ago, we underwent a major revision to which we attribute a direct increase in sales.

Founders Sheila Kamler and Justin Geering understand small business, being admittedly a small business themselves. With a track record of more than 15 years of success helping other small businesses, they understand the crucial need for businesses to be well represented on the web. They provide personalized customer service. That literally means that we can talk to a live person on the phone and get prompt email responses as well. For busy people like us, that is imperative.

Beyond their personalized approach, and perhaps because of it, they are an award winning enterprise, having won the 2002 Award of Merit from the Kansas Department of Commerce, and the 2009 Best of Topeka Web Contest by TK Magazine, for the Kansas CPR website that they designed and built.  They pride themselves for their level of dedication to the community, having been involved with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Manhattan, KS and the Manhattan/Riley County Sesquicentennial. They have also donated time and resources to area non-profits with complimentary web design and hosting.

4D Acres Emu Oil is proud to call Sheila and Justin friends and InterKan an important part of our success. If you need webhosting, shopping cart, web consulting, email service, smart phone linkage and excellent service, we recommend InterKan. You’ll receive timely updates and your questions are always answered the same day or at least within 24 hours.  Justin explains what we need to do in a language that we can understand.

Located locally in Manhattan, Kansas, you can find them globally at www.interkan.net.


Great Relationships Equals Good Business

Because I sell at so many different types of venues, I have the pleasure of meeting a lot of great people. Every once in a while I meet some absolutely fantastic people that I am able to build a relationship with beyond business. Photo: The Pasta Pros

Chris Captain is one of those fantastic people. I met Chris about three years ago at the North Kansas City Market, and then had the pleasure of running into him more frequently at the Overland Park Farmers’ Market. Chris attends the markets, like I do, to promote and sell his products.

His business, The Pasta Pros is a distributor for Pappardelle’s Pasta, and the business model is largely built on face to face relationships which makes the markets the ideal distribution channel for his pasta products. From many delicious dried types of pasta, to a variety of frozen ravioli, Chris makes dinner easy. The pastas are already flavored and pair well with the olive oils and vinegars that are also part of the product line. The favorite at 4 D Acres is the Southwest Orzo, and we have a basic recipe that we use.

2 c. Southwest Orzo
1 lb. ground emu
2 15oz can stewed tomatoes w/juice
1 6oz can tomato paste
Garlic Salt and pepper to taste
1 11oz can of drained corn (optional)  

Prepare the Pappardelles Southwest Orzo according to package directions. Lightly brown the ground emu on medium low heat. (Avoid high heats when cooking emu.) Add meat to drained pasta and add the tomato paste, stewed tomatoes. Add garlic salt and pepper as desired.

Sometimes we will make it a spicier recipe by adding green chilies and Ro-Tel tomatoes.

Chris says that his best seller is the Garlic Chive Pappardelle and says that a recipe is included with each pasta package and more recipes can be found online at the Pappardelle’s website.The Pasta Pros can be found at various local markets including the Historic City Market at 5th and Walnut in Kansas City, Missouri on Saturdays from 8:00am to 3:00pm, weather permitting.

Chris’s wife Becky is one of our most loyal customers. Here is what she has to say about 4 D Acres Emu Oil.

"I use emu oil daily. It helps to minimize fine lines and slow the aging process. I recently had a burn on my face and immediately applied some emu oil to the burn site and repeated it every 6-8 hours. It soothed the pain and reduced the redness immediately. The healing process only took 72 hours. It was amazing how fast it healed the burn. I also use the emu oil on my lips. It took care of my chapped lips in 24 hrs—despite being out in the cold wind for lengthy periods of time. " - Becky Captain

Business Profile-Louisburg Cider Mill

As a small business owner, I do not take for granted that I owe much of my success to other people and small businesses. One particular business comes to mind: The Louisburg Cider Mill, owned by Tom and Shelly Schierman. They were one of my first distributor to carry the 4 D Acres Emu Oil products, and that was fourteen years ago.

Quite the success story themselves, they started the Louisburg Cider Mill in the Fall of 1977 in a restored 120 year old barn. Experiencing what some would call “overnight success” after a Kansas City Star article, they are no strangers to hard work. Known especially for their apple cider (of course!), apple cider donuts (oh so delicious, especially when fresh and hot), Lost Trail sodas, and fruit butters, they are a growing operation as they have added products and attractions through the years. In spite of their growth, their customer service is second to none.

Pick your own pumpkins and watch fresh apple cider being made in the fall, enjoy a cold Lost Trail root beer in the summer, and enjoy shopping in their country store year round for gift baskets, food items, souvenirs, cookware, and of course 4 D Acres Emu Oil products!!

My favorite product is the Refined Emu Oil. I use it on little scaly areas of dry skin that lotion just can't help. One of my employees is certain that the Refined Emu Oil kept her from having a big crater scar after being bit by a brown recluse spider.
~Shelly Schierman

I have found the Louisburg Cider Mill to be huge supporters of other local small businesses. 4 D Acres has participated in their Fall Cider Fest with a display of our products as well as a live emu for the public to see. We have participated with them and other local farms on the Miami County Farm Tour as well. I consider Tom and Shelly to be valuable business friends and community members. They ship anywhere in the US and abroad through their online store or mail order catalog, but if you are ever in the Kansas City area, it is worth it to put the Louisburg Cider Mill on your itinerary.

“We continue today as we began. All of our food products are produced from the finest ingredients available. We guarantee every item in this catalog to you 100% satisfaction. If you are ever not satisfied, just call us and we’ll make it right.”

- Tom & Shelly Schierman

Here is a great video from YouTube from a FoodNetwork special done on the Cider Mill.

Interested in becoming a 4 D Acres Emu Oil distributor? Email me at mike@4dacres.com or call 877.837.4119.

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