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Once Upon a Time, There Was an Emu Farmer, Part 4

  Two very special emus reside on the farm at 4 D Acres. Barney is their pet and Blue is their farm mascot. You might wonder what the difference is. Blue travels with Mike for the purposes of ag education. He doesn’t get stressed on the trailer but Barney does. On the other hand, Barney is much more at ease than Blue with crowds at the farm, and so is a staple attraction at the farm tours.

Their guard llama is named Sambo. When compared to guard dogs, the llama can not be drawn out by a pack of coyotes, unlike the dogs which might be lured away. The llama does not leave what it is protecting. After a year old, the emus are generally big enough and strong enough to fend for themselves so Sambo is on vacation until the next batch of birds are put out on pasture.

In addition to the emus and llamas, 4 D Acres raise chickens, and they have had goats, pigs, cattle, sheep and dogs in the past. They have pet cats as well to keep the mice population low.

Current projects on the farm include preparing for the next brooding season. The upcoming winter season will bring craft shows and farm shows followed by lawn and garden shows in the spring. As the daylight grows shorter, days on the farm at 4 D Acres do not, evening chores just get done earlier.

Mike and Dee welcome any questions via email at info@4dacres.com and visits to the farm via scheduled appointments only.

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