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Special Treats For Special Pets

We know how important your pets are to you. How do we know? Because we have them too! Rusty was our Brittany Spaniel who brought character and companionship to 4 D Acres until about 3 years ago. We named our line of pet products after him. Currently we have four barn cats, Smoky, Katrina, Goldie, and Dot – Dot being a gray cat with a white spot on her chest. They are busy all day keeping the barn free of little critters.

We like to give them treats to show our appreciation for their tireless dedication to keeping the barn clear of rodents by feeding them Rusty’s Pet Treats. Our new, all natural treats for your dog or cat are made with low fat emu meat and added flax seed for healthy Omega 3 benefits that animals need as well. So, not only are they healthy but they taste great as well. We know you care about what you feed your pets, so we want you to know exactly what you are feeding them when you buy Rusty’s Pet Treats. Two options are available.

"Rusty’s Pet Treats Ingredients: Emu, fortified textured soy protein, natural hickory smoke flavor, water, milk, soy flour, and seasonings.”
“Rusty’s Pet Treats Omega 3 Ingredients: Emu meat, flax seed, barley grits, natural hickory smoke flavor, salt, garlic powder, tomato powder, dextrose, spices, nonfat dry milk, sweet whey, soy sauce powder.”

Our cats love them just as much as the dogs do. The treats are like jerky pieces, easily edible and digestible for your four-legged friends. In January, save 25% when you order 4 packs of either the 4 oz or 8 oz sizes of the Original Recipe or Omega 3. 4 oz Rusty’s Pet Treats 8 oz Rusty’s Pet Treats 4 oz Rusty’s Pet Treats Omega 3 8 oz Rusty’s Pet Treats Omega 3  

Visit the www.4dacresemuoil.com, call 877.837.4119 or email info@4dacres.com to place your order.

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