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The Grocery

Went to the grocery store today to buy a couple of things for dinner.  I got in line in the ten items or less line  feeling good that my purchase was less than ten items and bruised that that I only had 20 dollars to spend.  January is a tough time for our farm and our bank account!    

There was a woman in front of me that I noticed had two frozen pot pies, a loaf of bread, and envelope and a newspaper.  She was waiting for her daughter to come back into line that she had sent for something else.  The ten or less line is always very urgent and I actually enjoy going through it, because some people are so weird about fast, and I like to make comments that screw around with their heads.  Her daughter came back with a gallon of non fat milk and she was looking at it like it was  a twelve pack of coke to one of my kids.  The clerk rang it up and she was two dollars short.  I could feel her fear and her pain as she paid her cash, (like 15 dollars and then told the clerk to put the 2 dollars on her ATM, I know she was sweating whether it would go through or not. I know that she knew how much a gallon of milk meant to her daughter at that point.   It worked for her, but I tell ya I was ready to give her my 20 and walk out of the store with nothing.  I actually regret I did not give her one of our cards.  And  hope that I see her again sometime.     

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I found out yesterday that SNAP's clients have an average income of 19% of the Spokane County median income. This was down from 23%. It is too bad that in tough times the brunt ends up being felt by those who have been unwilling or unable to properly prepare. Could you imagine living on 19% of the median income? I sure can't. But millions of people do it, mostly in anonymity, every day.

Posted by Nicholas DeSelle on January 31, 2009 at 03:55 PM PST #

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