Green Gate Farms

  (Austin, Texas)
Water Ag Rate for Small Farmers

Ag Rate for Water

Customers are often disappointed when they discover we don't sell vegetables year round.  I don't blame them; after you get a taste for local, it's hard not to crave it.

The primary reason we can't grow more and often is because we can't afford the water.  Currently, small, sustainable farmers in Central Texas do not receive an agricultural rate for water like large, commodity growers do.

Small farmers pay for water as if watering a lawn, even if it's three acres of vegetables.  We are also charged for wastewater services -- even though our water percolates into the soil and does not go back to the city/county for treatment.  Essentially, we pay thousands of dollars each month for a service we are not receiving.  So far, my pleas have failed to change policy.  

If you want to eat local food more often, then you'll have to raise your voice because small farmers are not heard.

Tell all who will listen that sustainable farmers must have basic tools for operating if we are to succeed.


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