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Hectic week and our piglets soon to be born!

This week has been very hectic with the tropical storm!  Trying to get everything done that needs to be done before the sun goes down in the rain and the wind has not been very easy. (I mean daylight!  We haven't seen the sun itself in over a week!) Our farm received about 7 inches of rain and though it did not flood, it is still very swampy. We were lucky to not sustain damage from the 70 MPH wind gusts and were also lucky to still have electric power.  There are places around us that have been out for almost a week.

We are also eagerly awaiting the births of our new piglets!!!! 

If you would have asked me Thursday when the pigs would be born, I would have told you around November 13 but in all reality, we will be expecting them this coming week.  You ask how could this be?  Well, I did not mark the calendar correctly. So now that I notice my pigs udders are developing and other physical and behavior changes are taking place, we are desparately throwing up an acre of electric fencing and two hoop houses so I can separate them from our boar.

I also found out this weekend that the farmer that I normally go to at the corner of our street for straw decided to sell it out from under me.  This would not be a problem in a normal year but this year as I have just found out, straw has doubled in price and it might have well be gold!  Instead of paying $2.50 per bale like I had originally reserve earlier this year, we are now paying $5.00 a bale and I am excpected to go through at least 50-100 bales this winter. You will now ask why did we not pick it up it earlier this year?  One reason is that we have no place to keep it.  We do not own a barn as of yet so it would have just sat outside in the weather.  The other is that we know them and they said it would not be a problem keeping it there.  I guess we learned a lesson this weekend! 

I will leave you with a picture of a very pregnant Tamworth pig!

Fingers crossed that we will have a great number in the litters.

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