Harecrest Acres

  (biddeford, Maine)
Bees, trees and ME


 We are sorry to tell everyone we are sold out for this year.

We had an early rush last weekend, and with some other farms also closed we had higher than expected traffic.

 We hope to have a good growing year and hope to see you in 2021!

 Stay safe and take care!


2020 Season is here

2020 was a rough year for the bees but the trees faired very well through the drought. Pruning is almost done and it looks like a nice lot of trees this year. We will be ready for everyone just Bring a mask and well have the hot cocoa ready!

Summer was good to the trees

We could not have asked for a better summer to grow these beautiful trees. We got the perfect mix of spring rain for the new transplants and great mix of heat and rain for the entire growing season. The results were clear at pruning time.

This year we tried something different in I didn't bush hog the fields 3 times like i usually do. instead I did it in sections, doing a third at a time so the whole filed only got mowed once and the wild flowers were around longer for the bees 


Christmas is coming

After a long dry season the trees fared well and look really good this year! We were pleasantly surprised how well they fill out and we have a few more trees that we expected.  Unfortunately there are not a lot of farms still doing cut your own so we hope we can serve as many folks as possible. Grab your mittens and come on by starting in December!

Christmas trees and honey

Its a banner year for the Christmas trees this year and we have a great selection.  The honey harvest was not as big as last year and we will likely run out by spring so get your early.

 The girls and I are looking forward to seeing everyone again this holiday season.  Well have the cocoa ready when you get here!


Back in Business

Well after a 2 year hiatus to give the trees a chance to grow, we are back in business.  The trees have come back strong and we will have great selection this year.  The weather was good to our bees and we had a good harvest this fall.  We are all looking forward to seeing everyone again this year. We’ll have the hot cocoa waiting for you!


Here we go again

Well the snow is still fallling but spring is just around the corner.  Christmas trees sold out fast last year, but we will have more for 2011!

We still have a great stock of honey and all sizes and shapes.

We are eager for a warm spell so we can crack open the hives and see how they fared the long winter.


Tis the season

Well folks its that time of year again. The bees are clustered, the trees are pruned and snow is on the way. Harvest time is over and now is the time we really enjoy the fruits, sweets and bows of our labor.

It was a spectacular year for the bees this year. Although we started out with few hives surviving from last winter, we were able to build back to normal size AND get a record crop of honey!  Sales are steady and we shoul have product through until spring at least.

The xmas trees faired well, and although it was almost perfect weatherwise, we still lost a few too many small trees to mother nature. It's a small price to pay to be chemical free. The trees are all pruned and folks are already starting to tag thier trees before thee best ones are gone.

Speaking of labor, Our new baby, Audrey Madison will be joining us for the christmas tree season this year.  It starts on 12/4 runs until we are sold out. 

We are still basking on the glow of celebrityism from the segement that was done on our farm on NPR's Living on Earth. You can still hear it if you go to the archives. Check it out....

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