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"EARTHWAYPRIMITIVES.COM"   ~   sorry NO comb honey this year
Our Girls are VERY BUSY right now! and "FALL FLORAL HONEY" will be ready after OCTOBER!

WV DNR warning BLACK BEARS on the move!

OUR NEW APIARY high in Wild Wonderful West Virginia mountains is work in progress and SECURITY CAMERAS and ELECTRIC FENCE in place and ready!   WV DNR warning all beekeepers the BLACK BEARS are on the MOVE looking for "easy food" in WV!  So far we are just getting few visits by skunks and raccoons trying to dig and eat the honeybees and have installed tack strips on fronts of hives for them (next visit!) lol


Is your honey PURE?

Since 2004, our hives are registered and inspected by our West Virginia Department of Agriculture and we are members of West Virginia Beekeepers Association; we also volunteer and participated in USDA screenings, surveys and recordkeeping projects. As Beekeepers - our PRIMARY focus is the "health of our honey bees" and we are advocates for "sustainability of beekeeping" in our small apiary and state. We have not offered our honey for sale many years on local harvest or farmers markets - as it is more important for our honey to stay in our hives and not harvested most seasons here to provide valuable life sustaining factors to carry our hives through our harsh West Virginia winters. We have never stated our honey to be certified pure organic and while we have no control over where our honeybees forage, but locally usually within a 3-4 mile local area from our apiary - we can say that here where we live in wild, wonderful West Virginia our small apiary of few beehives are placed in a rural and isolated area. We are located far from the dense population, any industry, traffic congestion, agricultural fields treated with chemicals and landfills that can contaminate nectar and pollen collection. A small mountain creek runs nearby providing a water source for the bees. Also, nearby are our vegetable and flower gardens, wild berries and an abundance of wildflowers and trees. Our honey when harvested has a varietal character all its own! If we are lucky - our first harvest occurs in late June to early July and is very delicate in flavor-sometimes very white; thanks to the abundance of such sources as locust, clover and spring wildflowers. If we are lucky enough to harvest a second crop with the addition of summer and fall nectars; the honey can include wild raspberry, goldenrod, japanese knotweed, aster and other wildflowers; giving a darker color and bolder flavor. Our WV honey contains all of the pollen, vitamins, minerals and natural antibiotics you expect in any natural local honey; lightly filtered, NOT pasteurized - nor never blended with foreign honey. We are just two (2) hobby beekeepers - so no mass processing: just raw, pure and natural honey that goes direct from our hives - lightly filtered into containers - which retains all the pollen, propolis, live enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidant properties.? We appreciate all your reviews, comments and questions ... It does take more time, planning and hard work to keep our few hives healthy, but we believe it's better for our bees, our environment -- and YOU! ???? ? ? ?

Happenings in the Bee Yard

Its been a rather busy spring and early summer for our girls. Starting out with numerous swarms, (which we caught all but one that we know of) and a surprisingly large spring nectar flow. We have pulled our spring supers and will be extracting this weekend. The nectar flow is beginning to slack off and hopefully will not stop all together as in the past around this time of year here in North Central W Va. If it does we will have to feed for a time before the fall nectar flow begins. We hope to do a few farmers market this year for we have had many invitations. Watch for our Honey Products as they become available. That’s it for now at Earthway. Stay tuned for more.



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