Wilson Banner Ranch

  (Lewiston, Idaho)
A Heritage Family Farm

Raining on my cherries!

It has rained here for two weeks consistently - every day we get up in the middle of the night or stop other work mid afternoon to go blow water off the cherries.  That's right, blow water off the cherries.  We use our sprayer fan to displace the water that settles on the stem end and absorbs through osmosis  into the cherry causing it to burst.  If we were a big California grower we would hire a helicopter to come out and hover until the trees were dry, but this weather would have made it impossible for them to keep up with those costs.  As a small farm we can go out and take care of each variety as needed.  It adds labor costs, but it saves the crop and keeps the local people in cherries...but man am I tired of rain.  We normally average 8 - 10 inches and this year all of it came during cherry ripening!
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