Wool-E Farm

  (Dorr, Michigan)
Wool-E Farm

Spring is here

Finally it looks like we might be getting some warmer weather. The sheep spend their days lounging by the barn, out of the wind and in the sun. It was a long winter for them also.

No lambs again this year, the flock is getting older and they seem to know they have it pretty good here. The alfalfa that we put up last summer is being enjoyed by the girls. Some is also going to the local sale barn, and we have had people stop to buy some for feeding the deer, while the snow was so deep.

Their wool is growing nicely. Still have 28 bags of fleece to sort through. That definitely has to wait for warmer weather too.

Yarn that is posted on the site is from our girls. It is so pretty. The pictures never can do justice for the quality of the yarn.



Wool Show

Wool Show 9-26-09

We are having our annual fall wool show on Saturday, Sept 26. Location is at our farm. Lots of fleece, roving, batts, yarns for knitting and crocheting. Batts for felting. Just lots of wool. Those girls are growing more as we speak. Hope to see you there.


Wool Show & Sale September 26, 2009

You are invited to our Fall Wool Show & Sale.


Wool-E Farms & Heritage Farms


September 26, 2009


9 am – 4pm


1798-140th Avenue   Dorr MI 49323


616-681-9758  ellynbj54@sbcglobal.net


Email me for a copy of the flyer which also includes directions on how to find the place.


My husband graciously lets us use his building to have our show. It is handicap accessible and we will have coffee and cookies for those who want to linger to check out the fleeces, roving, and batts from our sheep.


Also, lots of handmade items including soaps, lavender sachets, and purses and pillows.


Meet some of the sheep who help provide all this wonderful fiber.


Ellyn Jackson / Marilyn Westphal



Shearing sheep

Saturday we had all of our sheep sheared. One of the coldest mornings of th year, so far. Everything went well, and now have 38 fleeces to start washing, picking, and carding.



Cold snowy day

It was a really cold day today, 16 degrees,  but the sheep did not seem to mind that fact. They are staying nice and warm with their thick fleeces.

We have been dyeing wool for batts and roving. This past weekend we did about six different colors. Carding batts has been fun with the new Patrick Green SuperCarder that joined the wool processing equipment. I am learning how the machine works and am starting to blend some fibers, such as mohair and llama, to add some variety for spinners and felters. We hope to have pictures up on my listing when I get a few more colors done.



First Local Harvest blog

Our sheep have been enjoying the alfalfa we have been chopping for them. Usually by the beginning of November, we have had enough snow that we feed baled feed. So having fresh greens have kept the girls totally content.

The winter pens have been set up in the barn. The young boys have been totally separated from the girls. The ram has been in with his group and we should start lambing the beginning of February. Shearing will be in January, so the new year will start off extremely busy.

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