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June 1, 2017...

We are extracting our new crop local honey!!!! YAY!!!!

This year has been great, good rains, and FLOWERS GALORE!!!

Stay tuned as we update you on the going's on at Bee Wilde Bee and Honey Farm!

Current Inventory:  South Texas Sage Honey, Local Wild Flower, South Texas Grapefruit, Horse Mint, and Huajilla Honey's are all available!  YUM!!!! 



Well... 2016 is quickly coming to a halt...Whew... we made it!!!

The honeybee colonies are starting to go into dormancy which is good for the bees and for the beekeepers:)....  Small new hives are being fed to ensure they can make it through the winter... large colonies have plenty of honey on to hold them over!  So.... what do the beekeepers do now that the bee work is slowing...????  They take time to catch up on all the things that have been neglected...=) Changing oil in trucks, maintaining machines, making plans for next year's honey production and beginning to really think about next season and how it will all unfold....... Lots to do!   

Right now, we are making plans for our NUC sales this Spring... and are prepping for that.... Hurry... don't wait to reserve your honeybees for next Spring... they are going fast!  Visit our new and improved website to see what all the "BUZZ" is about! ;) 

Stay tuned and have a great Winter! 


Fresh Honey Available!

The 2011 honey season has ended..... !!!  What a year it has been!!!!       We have our local wildflower honey, a very good quality honey this year and also just harvested our pure sweet yellow clover honey and still have delicious South Texas brush honey from early this Spring!

It has been an interesting year with the Texas drought but the quality of all the honey that we have made is exceptional!  


Huajilla Honey bee or not to bee......

Our prized crop of Huajilla honey did not make this year... Bees were ready but the weather is South TX was too cool, too breezy, too much rain [a good thing normally but not during the Huajilla bloom] so no pure Huajilla was made.  Instead, a native brush honey that is interesting, nice was harvested.

Now we are harvesting our "local" wildflower is a nice color and great tasting this year! What a year it has been!!!! 



Spring is finally approaching for Texas honeybees!  We are getting the bees ready to make the trip to Sabinal, Texas for the much sought after WILDE, HUAJILLA HONEY.....!!!! WOW, it is looking to be a very promising year for this wild, native nectar.  With inches and inches of rain in this area, we are excited about the next few months!  Stay tuned!!!

The honey bees are ready....The weather is not ......

It's still raining in TEXAS! The bees are ready to go to work and so are we but the weather is not....

We definitely need some sunshine so the bees will collect pollen and begin preparing for Spring! 

Think SUNSHINE =:) everyone!

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