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Rockin' Right Along!

Things are rocking right along on the farm, ahead of schedule according to my notes!  No time to celebrate though, Mother (Nature, that is) could change everything in a second!  It takes a lot of courage and discipline to be a farmer for a living.  I think diversification is the key to success though. 

Today is REALLY WINDY!  I mean, like really windy.....I have "fixed" the so-called "floating" row covers twice already, and they keep floating....


The covers aren't really for anything more than heating up the space around the seeds to speed things up a little.  In these beds are planted peas, carrots, beets, spinach, lettuce, swiss chard, kale, arugula, and radishes.  Some of them are germinating; others are still asleep.  The pile of garbage bags in the picture is not garbage, it's leaves for mulching!  These black bags have found their way all over the farm, both placed on purpose, and collected from fence wire, tree trunks, in the pond.  I'm learning how to control them better though.  A local community brought a portion of their leaves to the farm to both save them time and help me out--win-win!

In the greenhouse there are flats of broccoli, cabbage, various lettuces, swiss chard, more arugula, kohlrabi, chinese cabbage, chives, onions, about 15 varieties of tomatoes, about 8 varieties of peppers.  Speaking of peppers, I just got seeds for a variety of sweet pepper called "Sweet Diablo".  It is a longhorn-type pepper that gets up to 10" long and 2" wide and turns red when fully mature.  They are supposed to be great for stuffing.  I'm excited about these....also the "Fooled You" jalapeno pepper that's not hot.  This year I was fortunate enough to get seeds for 11 different heirloom tomatoes that I'm anxious to share with the members. 

A new garden was plowed recently and tilled yesterday.  When you're growing veggies on a schedule you have to push the limits sometimes.  Parts of the garden were a little wet (clayey streaks in the soil) but most of it tilled up very nicely.  Now to spread manure and till again.  This will be the home for most of the tomato plants. 

The corn/potato/sweet potato/winter squash field was plowed yesterday.  This field is on a gentle southward slope so it dries quicker than the other gardens on the farm.  This field can rest for a few weeks before time to "dig in" there.

When do CSA farmers plant?  Well, I would say every day--it takes every day planting to have a continuous harvest all season.  This time of year I watch the propagation mats with an eagle eye---every time a flat germinates it goes off into the greenhouse and another flat of "I need heat to germinate" seeds goes on.

Today is also rainy.  I made a batch of peppermint/oatmeal soap, tie-dyed a few shirts, fed all the critters, potted up two flats of tomatoes and sowed more lettuce, herbs, and a few flower seeds in the greenhouse.  Gotta keep "rockin on" no matter the weather!


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