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Keeping busy on a cold wintry day

Cabin fever?  Not me!  I am ready for spring, but there's lots to do indoors.  I had taken a bunch of neat pics of the snow all around the farm, but somehow they got lost in between the camera and the computer--I'm sure you know the feeling :-(  Just imagine everything around covered with about 5 inches of snow.

After tending to "the girls" this morning, I collected almost 2 dozen eggs.  They've begun laying more and more each day.   During December and January I was only getting a half dozen or less.


And there were no green eggs during the winter.  I mumbled something about "soup pot" with an Amerecauna in my arms last week and suddenly they started laying!  (haha)

With the back porch stocked with firewood, (thanks to my boyfriend) I'm all warm and toasty for a day's worth of piddling.  A couple of weeks ago my sister gave me her stash of jewelry-making supplies......oh my....she created a monster!



I did have a few things of my own, and of course I had to go purchase things I didn't have, but it's SO MUCH FUN!  Here are a few things I've put together so far.....



A bracelet made with memory wire and a pair of earrings to match.  I gave these to my sister for sharing all her goodies with me.

jewelryinprogresswebHere are a couple of wire bracelets I'm working on, and of course I need another size wire to complete the design in my head.  Another pair of earrings is in the top of the photo and a necklace pendant (just above the beaded bracelet) is in progress.

It's amazing how time flies when I'm fooling with beads and wire.  Another batch of blackberry wine was started this morning and of course Pinterest grabbed an hour or so of my time :-)  What's the old saying "Make hay while the sun shines".....I say "make jewelry when it's nasty outside"!

One thing on my "winter list of things to do" was to tie dye a Wild Things Farm sign for the farmer's market.  I came across a nice piece of heavy fabric last summer that I've been saving for such a use.  This afternoon I tied up and dyed the background for the sign.



It's a rainbow, grass, and a big sunshine....can't you see it?  Well, it has to sit in plastic for a day or three then rinsed out and washed and THEN we'll see if it worked.

The snow is melting quickly and tomorrow's weather forecast is for rain.  I'll be in the high tunnel harvesting greens for a Saturday "crop drop" as my youngest son has affectionately named my veggie deliveries.

Stay warm and keep busy.


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