First Light Farm CSA

  (Hamilton, Massachusetts)
the microclimates of the north shore

to our members

The CSA model is popular with some consumers because it puts a face on the farmer and encourages transparency of production methods. For me, CSA puts a face on the consumer.  It establishes a long term relationship.  I am able to view the crops not as commodities to unload to random consumers, but as gifts to share with you.   The value of our harvest is not represented by market price, but by your appreciation.    Now that motivates me.  That frees me to focus on what I enjoy most, growing and sharing food.  It is comforting to know our crops are already sold, and equally inspiring to consider how our crops will be enjoyed.  

With the CSA as our primary market, it's our goal to give you a reason to join us again next year.   In the short term, this plays out as weekly accountability for what we put in the share.    For example, I'd have a hard time looking you in the face if I gave you rotten cabbage last week.   This is a lighthearted example of the staggering amount of thought and energy that we put into you and the composition of your share.  When a crop is not rotten, but merely appears flawed, we usually include it.  We believe some of you will appreciate it, and this rides above the fact that others won’t.  The point is that we care, and frequently consider you.







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