Iverson Family Farm

  (Oconto Falls, Wisconsin)
Garden is Winterized

Lamb and ewes for sale

We still have lamb available.  Price is $2.00 a pound live weight.  Processing is $75.  Delivery to butcher is free.  You will save half of the retail cost at the store.  

 Bred ewes for sale.  We average twins so you get possibly 3 for the price of one.  Prices range from $150 to $300.  Discount if you purchase all 12 available ewes.   

CSA Sign Up for the New Year

Happy New Year from Iverson Family Farms.  

 CSA Membership sign-up has started.   Current customers sign up by April for your early bird bonus.  New customers that sign up by April also receive the bonus of $25 off.  Full shares are $400 , Half $250.   An additional bonus of $25 for adding a new member.  Please contact us by phone for a brochure.  (920) 846-8381.  or e-mail.  biverson@centurylink.net 


Sunday Special Late Season Pick Up Oct 27

We are cleaning out the garden.  We should have a mix of items but you may pick extra apples if you would like some.


Customer Appreciation Day! 


Lamb, Apples, Pears and Tomatoes

Lamb for sale

Apples, Pears and Tomatoes for Sale






Apples ARE READY and Tomatoes

Dear CSA Members and Public,

Apples and Tomatoes are ready to purchase or use.  We can sell extra if people request them.






Fruit and Vegetable Workshop August 8th

We are hold a fruit and vegetable workshop from 8 am to 3 pm at our farm.  We will first meet at the Oconto Falls Library.  Dinner is on the farm from Noon to 1 pm.  The library will also have the wood fire pizza by Firefly from 5 to 7 pm.  I hope to see you!

Please Join Our CSA

Membership Season is underway through June.  25 Lambs were born.


Snow Melt Needed

Once the snow melts, I should be able to get to the High Tunnel and work the soil in there to start growing vegetables.


We are looking for new members for this coming season.  We had produce from April to December last year.  As soon as the weather allows we plant our 2200 square foot High Tunnel Greenhouse. 

My goal is to have produce May through November which comes out to 24 weekly pick ups.  If weather allows, it could be an additional 6 weeks.  Our CSA includes fruit.  We have a separate lamb CSA.


Open House

Saturday  June 23rd Iverson Family Farm Open House from 10 am to Noon. 



High Tunnel

We just started planting our high tunnel.  Spinach and radishes are planted.  Parsnips are ready.  Any new or past customers may start to join at any time from now until June 1st. 

Thanks! The Iverson's


CSA Sign Up

We are having our sign up period from March 15th to June 1st.  Prices did not go up this year.  We are looking to expand and want to honor our past customers.  The high tunnel is complete.  If you sign up and pay by April 15th, you may take off $25.  If you bring in a new customer or a friend, you may take of $25 dollars. They must purchase a full and or half share.  

A new share this year is for seniors and singles. Cost is $125.00.   


Spring Sign Up!

We are taking new customers and members may join from now until early summer.  Please let us serve you and become part of the Good Food Revolution!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Iverson Family Farm is looking for new customers in 2011.  We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!   Customers may purchase CSA Fruit and Vegetable Share or lamb for late summer or early fall.   We are  excited about the new year ahead.  $400 for a large share and $200 for a half share.  Leave the gardening to us!

Great Season!

The Iverson Family would like to thank our customers for a great year.  We are looking at adding a high tunnel for this year.  We experimented with a low homemade tunnel (unheated greenhouse) in the fall.  The results were mixed because we got some green beans, radishes and spinach-excellent, lettuce and beets.  The last harvest was the end of November.  With a high tunnel and compost to heat with, it is possible to get crops into December and start growing vegetables in February/March.  A tiller was purchases and scale.  We continue to expand and are always open to ideas.

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