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Remember the posting where I determined I was an unconventional gardener?  Well, I just wanted to share the progress of some new growing techniques I've been testing. One is Winter Sowing and the other two are using Grow bags and Self-watering Planters.
I have 36 Winter Sowing containers with flower seeds and herbs. There are 21 half gallon juice jugs and 15 disposable pie pans with clear plastic dome tops. These containers and jugs of seeds were to be sat outside in the winter weather and would germinate at the proper time for each of them. I didn't get the Herbs outside soon enough and they started sprouting in just 4 days. They are all doing very well and are close to being ready to plant out in the garden. The flower seeded jugs did get moved outside and just started sprouting a couple of days ago, but appear to be doing well, too.
The 4 Self-watering Planters are home-made using a bucket and a colander. These are working great for the Cherry Tomatoes. They provide a constant supply of water, which is essential to tomato health. I'm planning on making up several more of these.
I started a few Potatoes in homemade Grow bags in the greenhouse a couple of weeks ago, just to see how these would work. I took a bunch of large dog food bags, punched a lot of holes in the bottom, turned them inside out and rolled the tops down. I put a few inches of soil in the bottom of each bag and planted a couple of seed potatoes. As they grow up, I'll unroll the bags a bit and stuff some straw into the bag. I'll continue doing this until the bags are totally unrolled and filled with straw, then, when the plants start dying back, there are suppose to be Potatoes that have grown in the straw.
I would love to post pictures of these projects and other sights around our place, but I haven't yet figured out how to post pictures here. Hopefully, I can figure it out soon!
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I like your idea of "grow bags" for the potatoes - I have a bunch of empty dog food and chicken feed bags that I've been saving, knowing they would be useful for something, now I know why!

I'm intrigued by your self-watering planters. Can you describe how they are made?

Cheryl Alvarado,
JustPicked Farms

Posted by Cheryl Alvarado on March 24, 2010 at 07:19 AM CDT #

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Posted by uberVU - social comments on March 24, 2010 at 08:20 PM CDT #

I've done a similar thing for potatoes with old tires. You put dirt in the center of the tire, plant seed potatoes and then fill the tire up gradually with dirt as the potatoe vines grow, and add another tire as the first one gets full. You can make this as big as your vines call for, then to harvest when the vines die back you knock the tires apart and there are the potatoes.

Posted by Cowmomma on March 25, 2010 at 11:11 AM CDT #

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