Pine Needle Farm

  (Kila, Montana)
The adventures of raising cashmere goats.

Where did the Summer go?

So, what happened to summer this year?  It went by so fast, it's unreal!  I didn't get half the things done i wanted to.  

  Now the bears are getting pretty active looking for food to eat to get ready for winter.  I've been taking the goats out into the neighboring properties to browse and reduce the fire hazard around us and I'm seeing shredded logs and stumps, overturned rocks, and broken branches on apple trees all over the place!  

  The goats and I had an almost close encounter with a bear the other day.  We were down in a little clearing by a big aspen tree that had fallen down years ago when the goats gathered into a tight bunch, started really looking intently at one spot and were generally on high alert.  I walked over that way and saw the vegetation laying down in a large circle.  My LGD Nellie went over there and started following the scent through the grass and brush, through a clump of little trees.  All of a sudden she came back a lot faster than she went.  I heard some crackling and crunching, so the goats and i beat a hasty retreat.  Never did see a bear, but it was pretty close.  The next day, the goats didn't even want to go down in that direction, so it must have still been around.  

  The neighbors down the hill a ways have had a bear come into their yard and garden two nights in a row now.  Tore up the apple trees, chicken coop, and put it's paws up on their door!  I'm sure glad we have this place all fenced off and Nellie is here barking most nights!

  A deer has got into the garden a couple of times and severely trimmed the peas, ate all the broccoli, and a lot of the green beans.  The peas are actually coming back good and producing peas, although the plants are short.  A bonus, I don't have to stake them now.  I'm just not getting as many as I had wanted and planned on getting this year.  It also pulled up a lot of the carrots, took a bite, and left the rest.  Dang beast!  With literally thousands of acres of forest land all around us, there really isn't any reason for it to come in here and eat my gardens!!  Hunting season is almost here, that deer should taste pretty good with all the goodies it's been eating.... 

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