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Week 21 Availability (May 22, 2011)


Short and sweet tonight, very tired.  All is well, getting ready for another week of rainy weather..YUCK.

The march of the slugs will be underway very soon if the sun does not appear soon.  

Have a great week just the same.

Thank you for your continued support, encouragement and kind words

"You keep us growing"

Warmest regards

Andy, Linda, Jillie, Kris, Eric, Priscilla , Betsey and Mrs. Ripley

Week 21 (May 21, 2011) Renaissance Farm 860.673.3550/860.601.1942 Unit Estimated Unit Quantity Total
Crop Description Available Price Ordered
Garlic Greens Large Garlic Flavor, use raw or sautee. bunch/6 10  $          1.50
Chives Onion Chives/strong onion flavor, use fresh or sautee bunch/6 10  $          1.50
Onion Greens Young greens plucked from the bed for you bunch/6 10  $          1.50
Golden Oregano Young/small very tasty golden color, use fresh or cook bunch 10  $          1.50
Varigated Lemon Thyme Young/very small very,very tasty stong lemon flavor!! bunch 10  $          1.50
Varigated Mint Young green/white mint,use for teas, water in salads bunch/6 10  $          1.50
Stevia 300x sweeter than cane sugar, use everywhere!! bunch/3 10  $          1.50
Rosemary The classic herb bunch/6 10  $          1.50
Dill Young, not yet flowered bunch/6 10  $          1.50
French Taragon Very small bunch/3 10  $          1.50
Cilantro The best salsa herb!! bunch/6 10  $          1.50
Lavender Small, greens only, no flowers yet bunch/3 10 $1.50
Flat Parsley Medium greens bunch/6 10 $1.50
Curled Parsley Medium greens bunch/6 10  $          1.50
Chamomile Greens only, no flowers yet bunch/6 10  $          1.50
Nasturtium Blossoms Mixed colors, peppery,radish flavors bunch/3 3  $          1.50
Arugla Baby oz. 10  $          1.00
Spinach baby oz. Resting  $          1.00
Swiss Chard--Multi Colors baby oz. Resting  $          1.00
Swiss Chard--White Mid to Large size bunch/10 Limited  $          2.75
Lettuce--Leaf baby/mix of many varieties 3 oz 10  $          2.50
Beet Greens baby green and some reds oz. Limited  $          1.00
House Blend mix of all greens and herbs toped with edible flowers oz 30  $          1.00
Eggs Fresh farm run eggs from Wake Robin or Grand View Farm dz 20  $          3.50
Hot Link Sausage CT made, 50% leaner than USDA guidelines! 1/lb pkg 3  $          3.99
Sweet Link Sausage CT made, 50% leaner than USDA guidelines! 1/lb pkg 3  $          3.99
Chicken Sausage CT made, 50% leaner than USDA guidelines! 1/lb pkg 3  $          3.99
Bulk (loose) Sausage CT made, 50% leaner than USDA guidelines! 1/lb pkg 3  $          3.99
Organic Cranberry Maple Granola Posted by Linda @ 10:54 AM EDT
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