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Weather Forces Delivery Changes

his year's weather has been pretty harsh .  We apologize for the delivery changes and cancellations we have had to make.  Please bear with us and check here as we move forward.  Private message me if you need items so I can be directly in contact with you.  As always, if you have any questions feel free to call us at 574-686-2889. 


We are happy that Sunspot is pretty well stocked and we should have the rest of our non-nitrate products on their shelves by the end of the week.


We prepared for this cold winter by getting the wood out of our woods in December...the horses were a big help.  We also insulated  the honey beehives with bales of straw..time will tell.  Our grapes are a very cold hardy variety and the strawberries have had a layer of snow.  All the sheep were all moved into our barn and the hogs were given extra deep bedding.  Our cows do have shelter in the pasture if they need it.  We have brought cows in with young ones occasionally as the temperatures drop.  They have had increased hay available as livestock will need more kilo calories to keep warm during these temperatures.  Graham's Galloway cows are suited especially for this weather with two layers of hair that insulate their bodies from the cold.


Spring is 55 days away and our planning is in full swing.  CSA enrollment is open- look for details on the website that has a new look and more changes coming...


We appreciate your business and encourage you to look at the pictures we recently posted from around the farm on Face book.  They will remain pinned to the top of the farm page a bit longer. 



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