Check out our farm......we post pictures on face book regularly..... for daily farm updates and useful information "LIKE" us often and share our information with your friends.....Our website is in the process of being face book is most accurate now....We are also on LinkedIn..WeMe, and Pinterest. --- Eat clean and healthy food!

Non-nitrate pork items available...We have several very lean and juicy sausage types, brats, pure white lard, thick pork chops, English Cottage bacon along with Canadian and traditional bacon along with a full compliment of other meat cuts...

We are a small, pasture based, sustainable family farm. Our children are working along side of us. In 2009 two of our children...ages 10 and 13... were awarded SARE Youth grants to fund some research they were doing in their production niches. They presented their results Michigan in 2010.

We had beetle traps collecting the DNA and have evaluated the beneficial insect population as part of a project by a Purdue PhD student. One capstone senior project involving the tagging of beetles is still in process. We are always excited to encourage good science and real food!

We have about 100 acres including some rented hay ground... most of which was certified organic with MOSA in 2009....we have opted to manage it organically without the expensive certification costs beginning in 2011....we left it so we can pick up certification easily in the future... We raise grass fed lamb and beef as well as pastured chicken, turkey and pork. In addition, small fruits and apples are in different stages of development at the farm. We offer a limited supply of home grown veggies, herbs, and flowers giving our CSA members priority. Our animals rotationally graze in the grass growing months. We feed them our own organic hay during the winter months. We obtain grain from a friend that grows nonGMO corn..he grinds our grain on his farm for our pigs. This year we added 4-- 6 acre paddocks... we further mob graze by sub dividing, rationally...

We sell directly to our customers at farmer's market.

New in 2013, is our "Farm Views" offers opportunities for free intimate product sampling, tours of the farm slots will be limited and fill fast... We welcome group tours and schedule these through the season as time permits...In 2015 we will emphasize getting to know your farmer we hope to offer a farm to folk dinner to help you get to know your farmers...Watch for our Notes From Over the Back Fence blog series and our Foodie blog posts the have original recipes using our products as well.

Abby is available to speak. A dynamic Board Certified Nurse Practitioner , mother of 5 children and organic farmer, she offers a unique, practical perspective on eating outside the box frugally...she is a champion of simple living that enriches family life and health....clinically she specializes in "self induced illnesses"...Her positive, empowering messages help you to take charge of your own health and your family's..... Her energetic , lively, passionate spirit make her easy to listen to...she can speak to many issues including: sustainable agriculture, clean food, gardening, preserving the harvest, frugal living on a limited food budget, finding your center (weight loss) , preventative health strategies....and other health related topics related to sustainable agriculture and green 2015-16 we hope to begin to offer some of them on the farm ..... beginning later in the season.. Call for availability...

We are working on software to send out regular newsletters without the glitches we experienced in past years... Our website is in a transitional phase...We are adding a Weston Price Group to the farm this year. Let us know if you would like to be apart of it. We are compiling a directory of members and sources for clean food.

It is our goal to help our friends and family live the "good life" free of self induced illness by offering educational tidbits about health and wellness issues. The "good life" often involves intentional living and slow food choices..frugality.....and seasonal, local eating....we have lots of ideas to help busy people accomplish this goal.

We connect with family and friends nearly daily on face book. Here we offer specials, articles of interest, recipes and frugal living tips....Join our discussion your recipes and join the Thistle Byre Community. We believe it is better to be interdependent than independent...

A team of core members has been formed to help out at the farm..... offering their talents at the farm helps keep people connected with the land. and their food...we reward them for their good service with a reduced or free share. Limited openings for the core group are available.... applications are available for these positions by asking the CSA coordinator. We will try to match talents with our needs. This year one core member helped us move and reestablish our greenhouse..from one farm to the other...

Farms are always in a state of flux and flexibility is the key...we are at the mercy of many unpredictable, pests and the demand for our crops. ..not to mention our unstable economy...we are optimistic...with a sustainable paradigm, frugal management , limited overhead and wonderful Friends and Family we expect a great 2015...and more to come.

Thistle Byre Farm has regularly been at the Lafayette Farmer's Market on Saturday for many years..this year we expect to be our last. The farm will continue, our CSAs will continue only our drop off point will change. Taste our meats, seasonal veggies, herbs and fruit. Enjoy the colors, fragrance and beauty of hand raised flowers and arrangements for your table.

We have had sporadic deliveries of meat in Lafayette..based on need during the winter months..if you need meat-- tell us and we will drop it off at the Weathered Plow at the corner of Skyler and 52...once we accumulate enough orders to make it cost effective we schedule one..let us know when you need meat and we can add you to our delivery list...We also stock meat there and at the West Lafayette Sunspot.

Listing last updated on Mar 4, 2015

CSA applications are open for the meat/egg CSAs.. We will have organically managed and grass fed meats and eggs (along with some veggies and fruits) available for the season as well. Our popular Thistle Bucks system lets YOU choose what and when you buy. We only ask you use your bucks by the end of the 2015 market season. We dropped our organic certification due to the cost a few years ago. We still manage our farm organically.

Season:  May through May

Type:  single farm

Since:  2009

# of Shares:  40

Full Share:  Flower, Fruit, Veggie and Meat available separately or together..check the Blog spot on face book for pricing...they range from $225.00 to $550.00 and up to $900.00...our mixed CSAs are open year round, we offer a meat CSA which is still accepting shareho

1/2 Share:  We offer Thistle Bucks which allow for weekly choices to be made by shareholders....

Work Req?  No

Markets on LocalHarvest

Know a market serving this farm? Tell them to connect here on LocalHarvest!

Schedule and Location:

Saturday 7-12:30 downtown 5th Street in Lafayette, IN

Schedule and Location:

By appointment at the farm year round....please text first...574-202-0100

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