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Delaware ChickenThe Delaware Chicken is a dual purpose chicken that produces good meat and eggs. In 1940, George Ellis oringinally produced this chicken calling it the Indian River Chicken. This almost entirely white bird was once one of the most popular broiler chickens in its area. Starting in the late 1950's, the Cornish Rock cross came to dominate the industry.

Delaware Chickens are noted for their rapid growth and fast feathering of the chicks. The birds are calm, friendly and fast growing. Cocks grow to 8 pounds and hen to 6 pounds.

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  Red House, WV

We are a small farm operation raising goats, poultry, rabbits and produce. We are specializing in "heritage breeds" and "heirloom varieties" and most of our production is utilizing "pasture raised" or "free-range" management. (more...)

Zephyr Creek Farms

  Yale, MI

Zephyr Creek Farms was established to provide a local food source for both our family and our community. We feel very strongly about the care and treatment of our animals, and the sustainability of our lands. We utilize a contained free-range system with all poultry. (more...)

Zabiha Halal

  Youngstown, FL

This Farm is closed due to excessive vandalism, theft and repeated episodes of racial violence and destruction of the property. The local sheriff's department of bay county florida is a part of all this. This county is like a kkk headquarters.(more...)

Yacolt Mountain Farm and Nursery LLC

  Yacolt, WA

Yacolt Mountain Farm and Nursery LLC is a diversified small scale farm which was started in 2011 by our, Caroline and Daniel Swansey, small and growing family. Both of us have been working toward a dream of owning and operating a small organic farm for many years and our dream is finally becoming a reality. (more...)

YWF Meats

  Lexington, NC

We are a small family farm specializing in Heritage breed livestock and meat, milk and eggs from animals raised naturally on pasture. Our cattle, sheep and goats are completely forage fed. Our poultry and pigs are on pasture and are supplemented with non-GMO, locally grown whole grains and peas.(more...)

Wrightway Farm

  Baltimore, OH

We moved to my family's farm in 2011 because of a desire to start raising our own food the "wrightway". I inherited the farm after my parents died, and it had not been active for over a decade. This allowed us to pretty much start from scratch, garnering information from books, blogs and farm visits. (more...)