Located in beautiful Suwannee County, our small family farm is dedicated to producing pasture raised products in accordance with the Weston A. Price Foundation (aka Nourishing Traditions). All of our animals diets are devoid of GMOs, antibiotics and hormones.

Our cows are NEVER feed any grain of any kind PERIOD, they dine on a mixture grass, forage, hay, alfalfa and anything else the find to nibble on, the way nature intended. With intensive grazing management practices in place, our cows do not require treatment with harsh chemical wormers.

We raise an assortment of heritage breed chickens, and turkeys that are fed a strict diet of fresh air, bugs, native grasses and forage, along with a GMO free diet of fresh grains and legumes. Like the cows, they are moved frequently in their egg-mobile to fresh ground, to mimic the free-range style, while still protected from predators in poultry netting. These birds provide us with excellent brown, white, green and chocolate eggs year round. We also have turkey for sale seasonally.

Forest, free range pork is also available on halves and whole animals as well as popular retail cuts. All of our underlying principles also apply to our pork. Non-GMO diets supplemented with whey and skim milk, free range in large paddocks with plenty of native plants and nuts, large fresh water wallows. Mothers are allowed to raise their babies as they would in nature. They farrow right in their paddocks and never in a crate. We are proud to say that all of our pigs are born and raised here on our farm, so you know you're getting a Non-GMO piglet from start to finish.

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Now offing Non-GMO Project verified animal feeds! Styled after Joel Salatin's Polyface Farm practices, our small family farm strives to produce naturally raised meats, eggs and dairy products. Rather than working against nature, we raise our animals to work in harmony together. This creates a much more sustainable approach to farming that requires no harsh chemical fertilizers or pesticides, no antibiotics or parasite treatments.

Schedule and Location:

Pre-Orders Delivered to Jacksonville on Thursdays
Whole Foods ~ Mandarin (Off San Jose & I295)

Whole/Half Hogs & Retail Pork
Pre-Order & Retail Chicken
Retail Beef (When Available)
Non-GMO Feed & Grains

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We love this family and farm. The animals are very well cared for and the cows are gorgeous! The milk is the tastiest and cream is abundant. The chickens we get are tender and juicy too.

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